An Emotional Unboxing Of The New iPad [Video]


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It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting a new Apple product. Opening it up and using it for the first time is always fun. For hardcore Apple fans, the experience can be even emotional. Here’s a humorous video I made about the emotional side of unboxing an iPad.


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14 responses to “An Emotional Unboxing Of The New iPad [Video]”

  1. Kaweesha Wijesinghe says:

    feel sad about the old iPad :(

  2. djrobsd says:

    Wow, emotional, seriously?  Just wow.  

  3. Ray Wong says:

    that’s where my iPad 1 is going. the same place…

  4. Mike Cook says:


  5. Brandon Dillon says:

    This reminded me so much of Toy Story with Woody, when Andy moved on.

    Also, +1 for Steve Jobs biography and vintage Macs in background. You made several quality shots angle wise. Great video.

  6. freighttrain2126 says:

    Pretty funny, loved the part waiting around for the ups guy.

  7. Sherwin Reyes says:

    Awesome video, Dude.

  8. Justinus Andjarwirawan says:

    his iPhone is old

  9. revolutus says:

    so so sad .. but a question came across my mind if you own 2 ipads and iMac.. how come you got 3GS as phone ?

  10. Luis Dominguez says:

    It’s an iPod touch

  11. Ilikestuff says:

    maybe the iPad replaced most of the purpose of having a smartphone, I know mine did. In fact I’m still stuck with a 3 year old symbian device that only serves as means of wifi tethering and a device to be able to text/make calls. Everything else i do on the iPad and I don’t actually see the need to upgrade the phone except to get rid of the horrid OS and get better tethering speeds.

    also: ipod touch

  12. CharliK says:

    I was thinking more ‘mocking’ than anything else. for a moment I thought this was the next Samsung video. Emotional or even humorous it was not. 

  13. Michael Steeber says:

    Thank you very much!

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