New Slimline MacBook Pros Already In Production [Rumor]


New MacBook Pros will look more like the current Airs
New MacBook Pros will look more like the current Airs

Apple apparently already has slimmed-down 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros in production. The redesigned cases drop the optical drive, but storage will still be plentiful and CPUs will be more powerful than those in the current MacBook Air lineup, say the rumors.

While we aren’t surprised by this story, the rumors come via Digitimes, possibly the least accurate rumormongers on the planet. Digitimes, you might remember, puts out an article almost every week claiming that Apple is already making 7-inch iPads, so take what you like from this new story.

Digitimes sources go on to say that “shipments to Apple” have already begun, and production begins at 100,000-150,000 units per month.

It’s pretty clear that Apple is completely over the optical drive, and that even spinning hard drives will be dumped as soon as SSDs get big and cheap enough to replace them in pro machines. But thinness isn’t the only great feature of the MacBook Air. Those SSDs really make the thing fly. So as long as we’re trading on quality rumors like those above, let me add one of my own: I predict that the new MacBook Pros will ship with both a hard drive and a small SSD, somehow hidden from the user to avoid confusion.

The SSD contains the boot drive, the HDD keeps all your files. Simple, and a great compromise until the world is ready for a 15-inch MacBook Air Pro.

[Via MacRumors]

  • gavindwilliams

    You know Seagate do hybrid drives right? Part SSD and part HDD, negating the need for 2 drives in the device…

  • Chaseme

    That’s true. But has Apple ever done business with Seagate?
    And more importantly; is that tech patented?

  • MrsSpooky

    What about the CD/DVD drive?  Some of us use that, particularly for loading our CDs into iTunes. Or will those now need to be purchased separately as a peripheral?  This is why I have no interest in the Airs.

  • Zudeo

    Unless they decide to use 4-8GB’s SSD storage as a high speed cache for a platter based drive.  There’s no management required and performance is say, 85% of a true Solid State configuration.  At least that’s what I would do.  That way there’d wouldn’t be a lack of inventory in the market and they (us) get the incremental update we’ve been asking for.

  • awolfram

    Ok im curious,
    1) why do you still own CDs that you havent already imported long ago
    2) why would you continue to buy CDs instead of D/L mp3s?
    3) You can get a external usb CD player for less than $30 for the rare occassion you would need it, so why wouldnt you do that as a last straw?

  • joewaylo

    Apple feels that we have no purpose to the CD/DVD drives. All of their applications are through iCloud and iTunes/App Store since it has been mandated on the MacBook Air 2011. Mac Mini 2011 also had their CD/DVD drive removed as part of the mandate. Apple demanded all the vendors remove their CDs and DVDs from their Apple Stores and make it mandatory to place the software on the Mac App Store soon after Mac Mini 2011 came about.

    You can however purchase a separate Optical Drive that Apple sells for $80 which was removed from their MacMini and MacBook Air to reduce costs of both products by $100.

  • howie_isaacks

    Cool!  I just bought a tricked out 15 inch MacBook Pro Late-2011.  Oh well, it’s very fast and capable.  By the time, I’m ready for a new one, the MacBook Pro (or what ever it’s called in the future) will be thinner, lighter, faster.

  • MrsSpooky

    Not all music is available for purchase in iTunes. In the last three years I have purchased at least a dozen music CDs (imports, actually) to add to my library.  

    Sometimes with movies that I purchase, it comes with a DVD/digital copy that can be loaded into iTunes.  

    Plus I frequently load a DVD to take screen caps to illustrate something I’m writing.  

    Not to mention the extra backups I keep of important work and applications are on DVDs.

    I use the CD/DVD drive in my Macbook Pro a LOT.  It’s going to be a major headache to have to plug in an external device, not to mention having it cluttering up my coffee table (I do most of my work in the living room, storage is at a premium).  If I had the money now, I’d get my new Macbook Pro before all that’s available are the driveless models.

  • Paul G

    People who care about audio quality of their music buy CD’s
    People wtih quality CD players and audio systems buy CD’s

    MP3’s and compressed music do not sound good due to all the musical details tossed out in the compression. 

    To each their own preference; if you enjoy compressed music buy MP3’s

    Use of an external CD recorder is fine on these new laptops

  • gavindwilliams

    I’m sure Apple will happily pluck it from seagate before it becomes common place and market it like there’s no tomorrow

  • gavindwilliams

    I agree… whilst at Uni my super drive was an invaluable bit of kit, nothing was more frustrating than when it stopped working before a deadline

  • Stephen Gibson Agnew

     Seagate’s hybrid drives don’t negate the 2 drive solution. The hybrid drives are not noticeably faster than a standard 7200 rpm hdd. I replaced my hybrid seagate drive with an ssd and saw a HUGE speed boost. Then I replaced my optical drive in my mb pro with the hybrid seagate drive. 2 drive solution is the best compromise.

  • Stephen Gibson Agnew

    1) Buy an external optical drive and use it when you need it.
    2) Turn your cds and dvds into iso images and dont use an optical drive again.

  • awolfram

    Yep, I’m of the same mindset.   I gave away hundreds of DVD’s 3 years ago to clear up the clutter.  Why waste all that storage space for movies you rarely watch again, especially when you can just stream a movie from an online provider for a few bucks?

    Same with music.  Streaming aka digital music sounds fine unless you are a professional deejay playing tracks on million dollar sound systems.  

  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    Actually people who care about audio quality use apple lossless.  It’s digital and is superior quality to CD’s.

  • likethepear

    I bought the new 13″ MBA last year and already I’m salivating at the thought of a 15″ MBA. God I hope they give it more than 256GB. Anybody wanna buy a used 13″ MBA? 

  • Paige Adams

    I sympathize with your particular needs, but you’re probably in the minority these days. Having said that, how much hassle would it really be  (and annoyance in lost desk real estate) to *just* plug in the external drive when you need it? Are you really doing all that stuff all day long?

  • MrsSpooky

    No, not all day long, but often enough that it will be a hassle that I didn’t have before, even with PC laptops.  If I can’t get a new Macbook Pro before time runs out, I can look into wireless options.  Maybe even get an external blu ray player if the price of the Macbook Pro comes down enough where I can afford one of those.  

    Nothing I can do about it, I know.  Just looking for a place to express my unhappiness with this turn of events.  That’s all.  :}

  • Alex

    I have Seagte Momentus XT  in my MBP its faster then the stock HD but its not the same an SSD .. 

  • Alex

    I’m thinking about doing this. What mounting bracket did you buy ?

  • Ilikestuff

    3. Invest in an NAS, or just plain big external hard drives. my iMac currently has access to 5TB (1TB external, the rest external). Everything I get is off the internet and stored on the drives. I have this habit of archiving everything I download. I’m about to get another 1TB/2TB hard disk. It’s only once or twice a year that I actually use the optical drive. In fact, all my previous machines (windows) all had the optical drive die due to lack of usage. I’m hoping this new iMac doesn’t suffer the same fate.

  • Romain Bouny

    About CDs, you must also know that buying them is often cheaper than buying mp3s (depends on what kind of stuff you enjoy however).
    I bought some Tom Waits albums on amazon marketplace the other day, about 4€ each+2,5€ shipping from UK/US to France. All those albums are 9,99€ on iTunes, LOSSY FORMAT.
    I do that all the time and import to iTunes using Apple Lossless.
    Cheaper, lossless, and I get an actual real item (that I’ll never touch again, but hey…).