Confirmed: The New iPad’s Retina Display Is Made By Samsung


A lot of the new iPad's innards are made by Apple's perpetual frenemy, Samsung.
A lot of the new iPad's innards are made by Apple's perpetual frenemy, Samsung.

As we mentioned earlier, those Dr. Jests of the DIY repair movement, iFixIt, have gotten themselves one of the very first new iPads and are already busy hacking away at it. Their server is being crushed right now, but the teardown has already born some fruit, confirming that Samsung is indeed working with Apple to build the new iPad’s Retina Display.

In addition, iFixIt have found the new A5X, which they believe is also made by Samsung, in addition to a Broadcom BCM4330 WiFi B/G/N chip, which had the new Bluetooth 4.0 spec as well as an FM transmitter, and is capable of working in either single band 2.4GHz or dual band 5GHz mode.

One big — but expected — bummer for Australian Apple fans. Since iFixIt bought their new iPad in the land of Oz, they discovered a big sticker on the box, saying that the new iPad wouldn’t function at 4G speeds on the last continent. I expect most countries are going to find stickers like that on their new iPads. I wonder how long until Apple gets sued over this? They’re marketing these as 4G iPads in countries without compatible 4G networks.

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  • CharliK

    Apple as been extremely upfront, starting with the keynote, that LTE won’t work in every country. So no one should be making the mistake of buying without having this fact straight

  • zviivz

    It’s the carriers fault, not Apple!

  • sbachell

    The problem in Australia is that we have a carrier that supports 4g (at 1800mhz) but the iPad only supports 4g 700mhz & 2100mhz… So the new iPad is not compatible with our only (currently) 4G network.