Letter From London: Waiting In Line For The New iPad


.@Redbulluk Please come to Regent street Apple store, we need energy in the queue. PLEASEEEEE. RT guys!!

Camping out for a new Apple product is a time-honored tradition. Outsiders think it’s crazy, and even some insiders do — couldn’t you preorder it this year — but waiting for the product is just part of the reason you do it. It’s really about the camaraderie, the friendship, the adventure.

Craig Fox, organizer of the upcoming JailbreakCon, is roughing it on the streets of London outside Apple’s flagship Regent Street Store. Even if you’ve never considered waiting in line for a new Apple product, his account of the experience might just change your mind.

Here’s his report:

iPad queue with @Mroberts531. http://instagr.am/p/IIe_gooA2X/

“We came last night [Tuesday] at midnight. We actually did seven days for the iPhone 4S in October, and two days for iPad 2. It’s actually a great time. It’s nearly the same people every year, so the camaraderie is brilliant. Adventures galore. Most years we are approached by Russians to buy the iPads so they can export them and sell them for double the price. We have been asked to wear t-shirts for app developers, the list goes on and on.

.@officialNoahG chilling! #PowerCam #

I have to be honest, the question we get asked CONSTANTLY is “What are you queuing for?”, so we play a little game to keep ourselves occupied. This year its “We are waiting for Justin Bieber tickets.” Last year it was “We are waiting for Neil Armstrong, as there is astronaut training here” (LOL).

"View from the queue!"

We are in a prime location. There are many fast food places, coffee shops, and we take it in turns to go get food and drink as the others wait in line. Last year for the 4S, myself and Daniel James (Team member) joined a gym to stay clean and washed. All in all it’s a great time, and I would advise anyone to do it at least once in their life.

The best burger I have EVER eaten. Thank you @kuaainauk cc/ @iDizle http://instagr.am/p/IKuElNoA5b/

I have used it as a great marketing tool for WWJC, and it has worked on some level. For example, we were featured today on Macworld. I have made many contacts from it. In fact we have plans to queue in San Francisco for 10 days for the next iPhone.”

Check JailbreakCon’s twitter account (@JailbreakCon) for updates and Craig’s personal twitter (@flawlessfox) for instagram photos from the day.

Cult of Mac’s own Brittany Morford will be waiting in line in Boston starting at 3:30 a.m. Friday. We will be updating the Cult of Mac Twitter stream with photos and stuff.

And if you are camping out yourself, don’t miss our survival guide.

#ipad3queue has hit the middle of the street. cc/ @iDizle @mroberts531
  • Jonathan Beadle

    I’ve queued at Regent Street, most notably at the original iPhone launch in November 2007. It was a fun day but since you’ve been able to pre-order subsequent iPhones and iPads I haven’t really seen the point.

  • Macmann

    Don’t these people have jobs? 

  • Killer_Kadoogan

    Jobs often come with paid holiday as a benefit.

  • iDaveG

    I will be queueing for “The New iPhone” The Apple Store in Cambridge is inside a shopping centre so I might head to Regent Street.

  • Shaun Green

    Don’t they have anything better to do. I hope it rains.