Infamous iPhone Hacker Geohot Arrested For Marijuana Possession In Texas Speed Trap


It's hard to believe a clean cut, law abiding youth like this would smoke marijuana, isn't it?

You only need to look at the bloodshot eyes, crunchy appearance and tossled hair of famed PS3 and iPhone hacker George “geohot” Hotz to realize that this is a mind which works best when jerkied in the cannabinoid vapours inhaled from a tightly packed magic jaybone. He’s a viper from birth, and we wouldn’t have him any other way.

But the cops would. That’s why they arrested him for cannabis possession while driving to SXSW to deliver a speech on hacking.

The actual event was relatively routine. Apparently, Geohot was passing through Siera Blanca, a small town in Hudspeth County, Texas, when he was stopped at a “random” checkpoint. In actuality, Sierra Blanca is a notorious speed trap, and is especially hard on people with out-of-state plates, so Geohot was probably pulled over because of that.

Either way, when he was stopped, drug dogs became interested in his car, and after a cursory look around, officers found a quarter ounce of pot in the glove compartment, and some chocolate truffles laced with less than an eighth of an ounce elsewhere in the car.

It’s totally a misdemeanor, and after being arrested for a brief period, Geohot was released on $1,500 bail. Unfortunately, George did end up missing his SXSW talk… not to mention his stash.