Rant: Why is Apple Opening an Ugly Betty Store in Chic Milan?


@Fotogramma Stefano De Grandis
@Fotogramma Stefano De Grandis

Apple decides to open doors in Milan — recently named more fashionable than New York — so you’d think it’d be somewhere the city’s whippet-thin Pradamatons would want to be seen sashaying into.

Instead, Apple is opening its first Milan store this Saturday in a place called Carugate. It’s 15 km away from the city center,  a place best known to locals because Ikea also calls it home.

It’ll be in a mall — note the pic above of a woman with a grocery cart — and hopefully  the inside layout is a bit more interesting than the storefront. And instead of having 24/7 access, like many Italian malls, it’s usually closed on Sundays.

Rumors were that Apple’s first Milan store would be a former Stefanel store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, a pedestrian shopping zone favored by locals and tourists who stroll from the Cathedral to Piazza San Babila.

Next time I need anything, I’ll be heading to the  reseller in the chic Brera area — used as a fashion shoot backdrop and where staff wears “Steve Jobs for Mayor” T-shirts.

People: location, location, location.

Via Corriere della Sera