Curly-Wired Handset Turns iPhone Into Retro CB Radio


Oh, man. If you use this thing, the laydeez will totally love you
Oh, man. If you use this thing, the laydeez will totally love you

I thought it was impossible to do anything dorkier than wearing a Bluetooth headset all day long, because you’re, like, so important that you’ll be getting a call any minute now. Well, it turns out that I was wrong. Check out the Tomko Transceiver for iPhone, a plug-in handset that makes your iPhone work like a CB radio.

If you drive a car called the General Lee, and it has the Confederate flag painted on its roof, then you are probably good to go with this handset. But if you are a young, fashionably besuited and bespectacled urbanite who likes to chat on the phone whilst dangling an unlit cigarette from his lip (see the product page for photos), then using the Tomko is little more than a douche-clamation point on your already desperate, attention-seeking lifestyle.

Wanna see a video? Of course you don’t. But here it is anyway (tip: it doesn’t ever actually get good, so feel free to skip it):


The Tomko Transceiver runs on a pair of AA batteries and plugs into the iPhone’s headphone socket, from where it acts just like a regular wired headset. Thus you can answer calls and even trigger Siri with a button onn the handset.

I guess it does have a certain retro charm, and when you’re driving it might be fun to shout “Guv! Guv! Guv!” into it while you aim your car at piles of cardboard boxes, but just make sure you do it in private, OK?

Should you decide to disregard all my advice, the Tomko will go on sale in April for around US$31.

[Via Oh Gizmo!]

  • Ashley Joseph

    Yep! They will love you like they love their period.

  • imajoebob

    Another toy for those creepy cop-wannabe guys.  If they’ll buy a 3 year old Crown Vic with 268K miles on it, they’ll certainly buy one of these.

  • GingerNinja

    I guess it’s just me that has gone all smiley and already singing “Eastbound and down” in my head?

  • Tom Swift

    “Hey, Good Buddy! Rubber Duck here, putting the pedal-to-the-metal! Yee-haw!”

  • Stephen Gibson Agnew

    As a native Texan and dual masters degree graduate student, I don’t appreciate the Confederate flag stereotype of truck drivers, people who live in the country…or anyone interested in a cb radio function on their iPhone.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t expect a latte-sipping, elitest, Euro inhabitant to be well traveled and well informed on people who do not equate rest and relaxation with a mani-pedi day spa.

    Wait, did I stereotype you? My bad.

  • Larry Thomson

    Great shot!  Hit him again!!

  • Joshua

    California resident here and CB radio user when I 4 wheel. A CB is LEGAL…so this attachment used in a vehicle would appear as a CB and not get ya pulled over….Just my .02 and I’d try it as I still talk on my phone too. I’m not one of the retard buffalo that jabbers on it in traffic or other dangerous situations just open highway stuff.

  • Kurt Van Luven

    As a CB Radio technician, I’m glad someone pointed out this. The author of the article misses the point, because as most people nowadays, they cannot imagine how I can talk for free, for miles, without cell towers, or there is no coverage. Cell phones are great, but if you travel across country without a CB radio, bring food, hiking gear and a gun “just in case”….