Byword Is An Elegant iCloud-Syncing Markdown Editor For iOS


Byword stands out from the Markdown crowd with its elegant simplicity
Byword stands out from the Markdown crowd with its elegant simplicity

After a brief moment in the iTunes in the iTunes App Store sun last week, Markdown text editor ByWord has officially arrived on your iPad and iPhone. It’s a companion to the excellent OS X version of ByWord, and is one of a growing number of apps to sync using iCloud.

Byword for Mac is a minimal-looking Markdown editor which manages to pack in a lot of features besides. A new version now supports iCloud from the desktop, ready to sync up with Byword for iOS, and uses a pop-up iCloud browser to do it. I imagine that it will use the built-in Finder-based iCloud browser in Mountain Lion.

Byword for iOS is beautiful too look at, all faded grays and tasteful palettes. On launch you can choose between Dropbox and iCloud syncing, and from there all your documents are taken care of. Back over on the Mac side, Byword fully supports resume, versions and has proper Lion full screen, so you can pretty much forget about saving documents (with one caveat: to use the “Move to iCloud” menu item on the Mac, you first need to actually save the file).

The iOS app also has two optional rows of keys at the top of the keyboard for Markdown-specific shortcuts. these are accessed by swiping the word-count which sits in this row by default.

There are more goodies in here, with TextExpander support and various options for exporting your text, but at its heart Byword is just a very good and very easy to use text editor. Right now you can get it for $3, rising to $5 in the near future. I would use this all the time if somebody, please, anybody would turn on Markdown support at Cult of Mac.

[Via Mac Stories]