Sparrow For iPhone Email App Now Available In The App Store


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Will Sparrow be enough to tear you away from the clutches of Apple's Mail app?
  • Blake Beavers

    Ya with NO push notifications! What were they thinking? If anything delay the release until Apple lets them use them…

  • forbetaorworse

    How about exchange support. Nobody uses POP email. If they do they’re not in sparrow’s demographic.

  • Brent Fortenberry

    my icloud account came up without issue.

  • Dante Fiero

    Is “Alias” the same as being able to send from a non-Gmail address that is linked to your account? If so, please include this in your review! I have yet to find an app that supports this, and the workaround rarely works. It is very frustrating to get an urgent work-related email on my phone and then not be able to respond with my work address.

  • Dinnie Lim

    I would wait till they have push notifications before I buy this. And also, who uses POP accounts nowadays?

  • Jan Hilmar

    I LOVE Sparrow on the Mac – it’s become my mail client a while ago.

    Absolute killer feature of the iPhone version? Multiple Signatures! What Apple hasn’t managed to do in years, Sparrow can do in their first release.

    I’m sold.

  • danieltsd

    I just tried alias with an e-mail adress that is linkes to my account and it worked perfectly in sparrow!

  • Jeff Holthus

    Purchased the app a few minutes ago.  Can’t validate a single mail address.  Get error that connection can’t be established.  Have strong wifi signal and everything else is working.  Emailed developer and need to hear back very soon or this will be the first refund I’ve requested.  Rarely do I spend $3 on an app.

  • MacHead

    Yet they cant notify you when you get new mail! Wow stellar release!

  • Peter Johnson

    Just a note for the MailShot users out there- Sparrow is one of the few apps that doesn’t let MailShot Pro integrate group email seamlessly within it, as (unsurprisingly) it has its own routines to handle contacts.There is a slightly klutzy workaround available of saving the email to Drafts, and then opening it up again. This turns the MailShot group into individual contacts in Sparrow.See… for more info as it becomes available. PeterSoluble Apps

  • Gheedsgreed

    I really love the iPhone app, mostly because it’s way faster than the
    Gmail app. However, it lacks some of the functionality of the Gmail app.

    -all labels are colored differently from what I set up in Gmail.
    -you can only see the label color on messages, not the label name

    -the two issues above together means that the labels are essentially useless
    -you can only label messages from the inbox(es), not from within a message
    unread ticker on Inbox and All Mail updates live, but not those on
    individual labels, which means I can’t see messages that don’t go to the
    inbox unless i check All Mail.

    -no in-app browser means I have to jump in and out of the app for links

  • Louis Hechter

    i don’t get my push email ! it needs to go refresh each time !