Apple Will Now Give You $320 For Your Used iPad 2



The arrival of the new iPad will be upon us in less than two days. Selling your old iPad to supplement the cost of the new iPad can be a quick and easy way to save money. Last week we published a guide on how to get the most money for your iPad, but it looks like another option has just emerged. Apple has updated their Reuse and Recycling program to include trade in values for the iPad 2 which will give consumers up to a $320 gift card to trade in their used iPads.

We checked out some of the other sites and the scale seems to be fairly representative of trade-in values on other sites like eBay InstantSale and more than the comparable models go for on Gazelle.

Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi $205
Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi + 3G $250
Apple iPad 2 32 GB WiFi $245
Apple iPad 2 32GB WiFi + 3G $280
Apple iPad 2 64GB WiFi $275
Apple iPad 2 64GB WiFi + 3G $320
These values are based on ‘perfect condition’ iPads with no scuffing, engraving and functional batteries that are shipped along with a power cord and wiped of data. Water damage, cracks and wear all affect the value that Apple will give.

Of course you can try to sell your iPad on Craigslist to  get the most money for it, but many people hate dealing with that sort of hassle and opt to trade-in instead. Apple’s Reuse and Recycling program is actually very competitive with similar programs offered by other companies. The only company offering more trade in value right now is Amazon which is giving customers $300 for a 16GB Wifi iPad 2 and $460 for a 64GB Wifi + 3G iPad 2.

Apple’s Reuse and Recycle program is fairly similar to Gazelle and Amazon programs. Prospective traders can go to Apple’s website, answer questions regarding the current condition of their iPad 2, and then receive an estimated trade-in value. After the iPad is received and verified by Apple the customer then receives the trade-in value. Keep in mind that Apple does not issue cash, but instead gives customers an Apple Store giftcard that can be used to purchase anything in the Apple Store. When you’re already planning to purchase a new iPad the giftcard isn’t a terrible option.

If you’re still looking to sell your iPad 2 before grabbing the new iPad, take a gander at Apple’s Reuse and Recycle page to find out how much your iPad 2 is worth in Cupertino’s eyes.

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  • Alberto Hernandez

    I sold my original iPad 16GB WiFi on ebay yesterday for $250. I’m sure I would have gotten $100-$150 more had it been an iPad 2 and it is definitely worth the extra work.

  • babdoc

    I did the eBay instant sale thing last week and got $215 (mostly for convenience sake, though I probably could have gotten more in a regular eBay auction).  Plugged in the same thing today just to see, and it was like half of my original offer.  I’m assuming everyone is getting a lot of interest in the buy back thing from those of us getting/looking for a new iPad.  

  • Garrett Mickley

    Gamestop will give you 250 for 
    Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi

  • Gohardjersey

    i don’t know where your coming from but ebay sellers think that their iPads are magical and do not depreciate. iPad 2 16gb 3g averages at $400. i sold 3 JAILBROKEN/UNLOCKED for tmobile  iPhone 4’s on ebay with fixed listing prices i used each phone for 1 year min. i got 1) $700  2) $675 3) $750

  • Rafael Cotto

    i sold my ipad 2 3g 16gb for $500 in ebay auction last month 

  • Martin Topinka

    Does anybody know if there’s a similar option in (Ireland)?

  • Jack McClauren

    Don’t you dare even considering doing this stupidity people. I will give you $350 cash for your 64GB iPad 2 3G right fucking away.