Latch And Lanyard Turns Your Neck Into An iPhone Tripod


The newest member of the family, bottom left
The newest member of the family, bottom left

The Gymbl Pro is a combo case and tripod for your iPhone 4/S, released last year to great success on Kickstarter. The polycarbonate case has a slot which marries up to a folding, pocket-sized tripod which also doubles as a handgrip. But what of poor Gymbl owners who have a yen to tote their iPhone around their necks like some kind of modern day Flava Flav? Well Gordon Fowler, the man behind the Gymbl, has you covered.

Behold: The Gymbl Latch and Lanyard.

Gordon’s Kickstarter project consists of a clever metal latch that hooks into the socket usually used to affix the tripod, and a lanyard which attaches to that with a keyring. It might seem a little dorky to you to carry your iPhone around your neck, but from a photographer’s point of view, it’s pretty smart.

One way to steady a camera is to rest it on something steady, letting it take the weight off your wobbling hands. But another way is to put the support in tension, and that’s what the Latch and Lanyard does. Grab the iPhone and pull it out in front of you, stretching the lanyard tight. This will eliminate small shakes in your hands, and allow you to take much steadier shots.

It’s also good for smooth panning while shooting video (but not so much for shooting panoramas, as it puts the pivot point far behind the film plane).

The kit is cheap, too. If you already have the Gymbl case, the Latch and Lanyard will cost you just $15. If you need to buy the case too, it’s still just $30. A bargain, I think you’ll agree.

[Thanks, Gordon!]