Chris Pirillo’s Dad Utterly Defeated By Windows 8 [Video]



Journalists and bloggers who have seen Windows 8 have almost universally loved it. Well, the Metro parts at least. It is clean, it jettisons a whole lot of Windows legacy junk and it just looks and feels so cool. But what happens when you put it into the hands of a regular user? Above you see a the father of internet over-sharer Chris Pirillo trying out Windows 8 on the desktop. The result is so frustrating I suggest you skip the first three minutes entirely.

We are by now very familiar with the YouTube phenomenon of previously computer-phobic people — old folks, people with autism — taking to the iPad without even trying. If this is Microsoft’s effort to compete with both the iPad and the Mac, it’s doing something wrong. Sure, hiding all menu bars and navigation elements makes for a clean screen, but so does switching that screen off. And to the average computer user, both of those actions results in the same thing: a useless computer.

But the best part is the finale: “Now who’s put this out?” asks Chris’s dad. “Microsoft.” says Chris. “They trying to drive me to Mac?” says his dad.

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  • davrosuk

    “Journalists and bloggers who have seen Windows 8 have almost universally loved it. Well, the Metro parts at least”
    I don’t agree with that. There’s a *lot* of commentary on how bad it is. Windows 7 was a fine OS, this sequel is dreadful. I’m so glad I’ve transitioned my folks to OSX – which is better in every way.

  • joewaylo

    Bound to drive even the new users nuts too.

  • Ryan Wien

    Just imagine if he was put in front of a Android tablet.

  • techgeek01

    My friend for his grandmother’s birthday got her a brand new Windows 7 computer.  he ended up setting it up and everything.  Later, he got a call from her saying that she wanted her Windows 95 computer and not the Windows 7.  Simply put, it’s what you are used to.

    I have stuck Windows 8 in front of a lot of normal people.  They love it.  It’s really not confusing for them.  Confusing since it’s something new, but after they get a hang of it, they move around in it, like they are on Windows 7 or whatever the OS they currently use.

    This video is clearly someone’s agenda.  Yes, you WILL always have people that will have difficulty, even with the newer versions of OS X.

    Windows 8 is a well polished OS.  The average Joe or Sally, I stuck Windows 8 in front of? Liked what Microsoft was doing.But you will always have the vocal (minority) who will want to get their way.Windows 8?  About everybody I know who played around with it and or saw it (the people I stuck it in front of) are looking at upgrading or buying a computer with windows 8.  Maybe not this year, but in the future.OS X?  Literally EVERYBODY I knew who used Lion, has downgraded back to Snow leopard and people left and right aren’t looking at upgrading to Lion.  This is even from die-hard Apple fanbois and girls.   I mean die-hard, fanbois and girls.
    I have a friend who is a die-hard apple fanboi.  Or was.  He bought lion, then downgraded to Snow Leopard.  Thought that lion was utter crap.  Now? He is gonna buy Windows 8.  He has downloaded windows 8, just to see how it is, and fell in love with it.  So, all his macs will be getting Windows 8. Not mountain lion or lion, but Windows 8. 

  • Gregintosh

    LOL!!!! Totally true. All the techies and bloggers are salivating but they have knowledge far and above regular users. Based on my experience working in computer repair with ordinary people, I must say that this video probably represents about 80% of actual non-techie users (which make up 90% of the population).

  • SupaMac

    you are dumb.

  • tropolite

    I have to say this is all too true. However Windows 8 and its tile interface are designed for a touch screen, not really as a desktop. So even though it is a great example of the non-savvy tackling the Win8 it was a little weighted.

    Win8 should have at least a similar effect as WindowsPhone tiles which clearly shows there is more to the right and bottom. It is a Consumers Preview and issues such as the ‘missing charms’ will hopefully be addressed in upcoming updates before final release.

  • awolfram

    Learn basic sentence structure before trolling please.  

  • markrlangston

    Contradiction. It’s What’s For Dinner.

    What you’re describing are two different experiences but you’ve somehow managed to make your experience more scientific therefore more valid. 

    As for those so-called Apple “fanboys”, they’re not fanboys. The very definition of a fanboy is one that disregards all logic despite any obvious or not-so-obvious shortcomings. 

    If you had a favorite sports team but decided to switch because they weren’t performing well then you were never a true fan at all. 

    Your Apple friends were never fans, they were just waiting on the next big thing to come along and chances are if/when Apple makes something that trumps Win8 they’ll denounce Microsoft just as quickly. 

    Loyalty. It’s What’s For Dinner, Too.

  • markrlangston

    While not a scientific study not having the Start button clearly marked in the corner as usual will probably throw some people off.

    However, what will also be interesting is when people start loading programs between both interfaces and get frustrated when they have to open a link in Desktop instead of on the Metro side. 

    While the Metro side of Win8 is definitely interesting the workflow could become very disjointed and confusing to casual users. 

    Microsoft may be going after the iPad market but they’re forgetting that what makes the iPad successful is its ease of use. The iPad might have some limitations but that’s by design. 

    And as Apple has always said, the iPad is not a true laptop/desktop replacement but instead a separate market until itself. 

    I’m not suggesting MS can’t be successful with Win8 — it might blow the doors off the tech community once its in casual users’ hands — but combining a desktop computer with a tablet may not be the best formula. 

  • DrM47145

    Simply brilliant.

  • techgeek01

    This video is clearly someone Agenda.

    I have shown Windows 8 to “technophobes”, and after the first couple of minutes, they get used to it.  Everybody finds the start button. (Home screen.)  They love what Microsoft is doing.  After they set the apps up and see the “live tiles” in action, they love it even more.

    The Problem is:  The vocal minority.  They complain left and right that Windows 8 is shit.  Most every “normal” person I have asked about Windows 8, are indifferent.  But, after playing with it, they like what Microsoft is doing.

    That being said:  I can’t say that with Lion or Mountain Lion.  Literally, NOBODY I know uses Lion any more. And this is from die-hard apple fanbois.  They downgraded to Snow Leopard.  Really, the only people I know who use Lion are primary the new mac users who bought a mac with Lion.  Other than that, everybody else is (literally) on Snow leopard.

    Right now: Most PC users ( I have asked) are looking at either upgrading to Windows 8 or buying a computer with Windows 8.  Most Mac users? (I have asked) are going to stick with Snow leopard.

    It’s shockingly when your die-hard apple fanbois and fangirl friends have no interest in upgrading.  Really, the only people I know who are interested in lion are the people have picked up iPhones and iPads and want to have the “full apple experience”.  The ones who did upgrade to Lion, have essentially downgraded to Snow leopard.  But I guess people don’t want to hear that. 

  • pirillo

    And here Dad is, trying OS X (Lion) for the first time:

  • Connor Mulcahey

    Windows 8, while innovative and good looking, is more difficult to use. Because most of the functions are hidden in corners and gestures, the user cannot SEE them, they must be told that they are there before they can even use that function. This is why, for example, Safari has a customizable tool bar. Even though going back and forward using gestures is more efficient and saves space on the toolbar which improves aesthetics, Safari has the back button visible in the toolbar by default, because anyone who isn’t told the gesture exists, like new users, won’t be able to go back and they will get frustrated. Once they learn about the gesture as the preferred alternative to the back button, they are free to remove it from the toolbar. Apple sometimes sacrifices form for function, but at least they keep in mind that not all their users are tech savvy, and will not know to use invisible commands unless they are taught to.

  • RadTech5000

    This video should be made into a commercial for everyone to see. It’s sad after all this time Windows still can’t get it right. lol

  • JillyC72

    Hilarious, I am ‘techie’ but I installed windows 8 and took it off again in the same day. It seemed like a pointless front end to exactly the same underneath. I had to google how to shut the thing down! For tablets it may be good, for PC users, I just don’t get it. It also seems that unless you are prepared to sign in to everything with a Microsoft account, half the apps are uselss.

  • efforting

    How do you get back to the tiles screen?

  • aramishero

    This is absolutely true… Microsoft really forget one important thing… the User Experience. For those Techies ofcoz no problem with it but for regular user that is the problem… and the video telling the true story. You see… why iPad so successful becoz it is damn easy to use and it’s work! even baby also know how to use. 

  • George Erhart

    Where is Clippy when you really need him!

  • monetoliverdeplace

    I have to agree with this video. I’m consider myself pretty well versed on the latest tech, read all the blogs, am an early adopter, etc. And I installed Win8 Consumer Preview using VMWare and was confounded with the same problem: getting back to Metro. I read about the Charms beforehand but didn’t know how to access them, etc, for about 2 minutes anyway. I finally figured it out but my god, what a piece of garbage UI. 
    The final release will probably include a more prominent icon to jump back to Metro from Windows, but even then, I found the Metro UI to be very limiting and grew bored with it after just a 30 minutes using it. I haven’t been back since that first install, either.

  • Alex

    IT guys with attitudes like yours are the reason why  IT has literally been banned by one of my employers from touching any computers other then that the of support staff.  We realized we didn’t need their help or attitudes…. 

  • warex3d

    using the windows key -_-

  • augustofretes

    Not only is this a bullshit argument, it’s also extremely unlikely that while trying to get to where the menu usually was he didn’t get the pop up, it is so extremely unlikely, that I believe what you showed was rehearsed.

  • los325

    This video is so bogus.  All the person has to be taught is that you can click on the bottom left corner of the screen where the Start button used to be.  That’s it.  I don’t think anyone would forget that.  

    As for tablets, Microsoft will require a Start button on all tablets so it’s similar to the Home button on iPad.  People can use it just like an iPad if they want without needing to know any gestures.  Start an app, press the Start button, start another app.  

    I also think that the gestures aren’t that hard once you know them.  Swipe from the left always brings up the charms.  Swipe from right to task switch to another app or hold it to snap it.
    Swipe from top and bottom for application menu.
    So left and right edges are for the system.  Top and bottom are for the apps.  It takes about 5 minutes to learn once someone shows you.

    Or again, use it like an iPad.

  • jrtorrents

    .. and I bet its easier to find the start menu on OSX

  • grouver

    guess what genius … mac users know very well that there is no start menu and that all your applications can be accessed through the Applications folder. And despite all of the additions such as Spotlight and Launchpad, you can still get to your application in the same way you’ve been able to do since 1985. So what exactly is your point or are you just stating the obvious fact that OS X is not Windows? 

  • grouver

    Appart from the obvious fact that the final release will probably have a Windows button, what’s quite interesting is that MS did not think about the consistency of the UI. Just listen to what the guy says and how when a side bar slides out it’s somewhat of a traumatic experience for him. Not only that, but I think most people are underestimating how new and foreign of a concept tiles are. I am pretty sure that this time around MS will really have to invest in training and support centres and be a lot more straight foreword in their marketing campaigns. You HAVE to state all the differences and educate people when you make a design change as big as this one. And I honestly hope that MS is not expecting people to learn the same way as they did before. That will only slow down the adoption rate of Windows 8 to a virtual crawl. You know how Windows 7 just passed the adoption rate of XP? What does that say about a new OS that pulls the rug from under your feet? I though that was the main reason why Windows users were reluctant to switch to a Mac …

  • SamDu

     I’ve been using computers since the Timex/Sinclair 1000. And have used everything from the Commodore 64, to the Amiga, Windows (all versions), Mac (legacy and OS X), Linux, HP/UX, Solaris, BeOS, and probably some that I’ve forgotten. And >I< had to look up how to find the freakin’ shut down command and start menu in Win8. It’s an objectively terrible UI design. You should never put important OS features on “invisible” buttons or hot spots. It makes zero sense at all.

    So it’s not just the average Joe, only uses computers because they have to, thinks the “E” on the Windows Desktop is “The Internet,” types of users that don’t like this thing.

  • La Lt-tv

    I first watched this video and thought. Oh god seriously?1 they removed start button!? and now I installed win8 consumer preview and found “start button” very fast in the left bottom corner. this video is misleading and shows how retarded Chris’ dad is and Chris also for putting up this stupid video.