New Friday Feature: Five Fun Games For the Weekend



Every Friday, the Mac Games and More website will highlight five different casual Mac games you might not have heard of, to take you into the weekend. I hope you will find something fun here. Click on the images to enlarge them.

machines at warMachines at War – A special kind of gamer plays real-time war themed strategy games and Machines at War is probably one of the best RTS’s available for Mac that will satisfy those gamers’ needs. You are put on a mission to build an unmatchable force so your armies can take over the world. It’s not as easy as it sounds, however. You will be required to defeat many enemy troops to succeed at this task. Build and protect your empire, improve your technologies and become an economic powerhouse, or take a different stand and blast the opposition to smithereens. Game play is unique because it features a random map system which poses new challenges each time you play. Download it

pixiePixie – Imagine all the kids of the 80’s popping quarter after quarter into machines to get the big boss, find the exit or save the day one way or another. A couple of these children grew up to make the game, Pixie, where you’ll find all sorts of references to popular arcade games. Start out calmly flying Pixie around, sending out vines to claim or block off parts of the playing field. Block off a majority of the board to move on to the next level. Don’t get too comfortable because it progressively gets more intricate and fast-paced to keep you on your gaming toes. Collect gold coins then shop for bombs, extra lives, magic potions and more. 100 levels, four Big Bosses. Download it

Jewel Quest MysteriesJewel Quest Mysteries – Seek and find games and jewel matching games seem to be popular these days because of the relatively relaxed type of game play gamers crave. For those people, Jewel Quest Mysteries might be for you because it happens to be both a hidden object game and a jewel matching game. Follow the adventurous quest with Emma and Rupert in their search for ancient relics and treasure in Egypt. You will not only be swapping gems and looking for hidden items but you will also be facing puzzles (mini games) that will test your keen eye and logic. Download it

luxor 3Luxor 3 – The orb shooter games that followed the original pioneer and very popular, Zuma, had big shoes to fill but the developers of Luxor 3 knew what they were doing and succeeded in creating a solid version including their own twist on the genre. To play, slide the shooter at the bottom from side to side to shoot rows of same color orbs before they snake their way towards the pyramid. For every third match set you make, you earn a power up from the Egyptian god representing that color. With the help of reflectors you can bounce the orbs off or around blocks and corners. Make sure to shoot at the canopic jars and catch the ankh coins. If you shoot four jars in a round, you get to play a bonus level. Luxor 3 features seven game modes and over 140 levels. Download it

LadybugsLadybugs – It’s very unlikely that gamers who play Ladybugs read this blog, but their parents do. Perfect for your very small kids to stimulate their thinking, hand-eye coordination and color recognition skills, Ladybugs will keep your little ones busy racing against other ladybugs, exploring garden mazes and helping them find their homes. Ladybugs features three game styles, over 100 levels, animated sound effects and music creating a challenging yet engaging game experience. Download it