The New Air-Like MacBook Pros Could Use Crummy Intel Graphics [Rumor]



This is pretty hard to believe, but if true, it could have a huge impact on the future audience of the MacBook Pro line: Apple could have dropped NVIDIA as the supplier of the next-gen MacBook Pro’s discrete GPUs, and will instead go with Intel integrated graphics. Huh?

According to SemiAccurate, Apple has ditched NVIDIA’s next-gen Kepler graphic chips from a “large number” of its upcoming laptops. Supposedly, Apple has instead decided to pick up Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs with integrated graphics that offer a higher number of shader counts, which will supposedly help make up for the difference.

That’s a laugh — Intel’s way behind NVIDIA when it comes to graphics performance. Even so, SemiAccurate believes that Apple’s next-gen low- and mid-range MacBook Pro models will not have a discrete GPU, just crummy integrated graphics.

Why? NVIDIA can’t make enough Kepler chips, supposedly.

Nvidia can’t supply, so Apple threw them out on their proverbial magical experience. This doesn’t mean Nvidia is completely out at Apple, the Intel GPUs are too awful to satisfy the higher end laptops, so there will need to be something in those. What that something is, we don’t definitively know yet, but the possibilities are vanishingly small.

I can believe that NVIDIA’s having problems with yields on a new cutting-edge chip, but going with Intel? That’s just not an option. The Pros are aimed at video and visual professionals, which means they need a discrete GPU… especially if Apple’s going to try to roll out Retina-quality displays in the MacBook Pro line anytime soon. No, the more likely answer is that even if Apple couldn’t get Keplers in the next MBPs, they’d go with a lesser NVIDIA chip or something from AMD, at least on the mid- to high-end MBPs. File this report under dubious.

  • Barrett Jasper

    no way in hell…Apple wouldn’t shoot it’s own foot off I don’t believe.

  • AppleNutBread

    Current status:  13″ uses embedded intel.  15″ and 17″ have dual GPUs (embedded and descrete).

    get your facts right, and in proper context.  All things being equal, they could continue to do this without rocking the boat.

  • YarikGo

    i am waiting to see if we get a good GPU to change my current MB, i think that if they dont put into the new MBP normal GPUs it will be a big problem and a mistake 

  • David Bretos

    If I’m not wrong, the last 13-inches MacBook Pro actually has an Intel GPU… HD 3000 I think.

  • Obsidian71

    SemiAccurate is not a reputable site for rumors.   If anything Apple will simply use ATI graphics in conjunction with the Intel HD4000 graphics in a dual switching mode much like they are doing now. 

  • Rowanova

    So the site that is the source of this “information” is named SemiAccurate? 

    Enough said? I’d think so.

  • chabig

    My 13″ MPB has Intel graphics. I run Lion and one or two Windows instances in Parallels on my 27″ Cinema Display and everything is fine. Ivy Bridge will be even better.

  • Barton Lynch

    I want the new Pro SO BADLY

  • Blue W

    Unless I am mistaken, my 2011 (one gen prior) MBA 13 has discrete Nvidia Graphics right?

  • Steven Chaffer

    SemiAccurate also said that Nvidia’s 680 will be paper launched yesterday, Monday the 12th. Its all just BS until we see anything materialize. 

  • Birkmeister


    … Are you serious?   Why in the heck would Apple shoot itself in the foot by using Intel’s awful graphics?

  • Birkmeister

     Steve Jobs said in his biography that Intel’s graphics “SUCK”.  Seriously, go read it.  After pondering the possibility, I don’t think Intel could pay Apple enough to make them replace Nvidia in the MBP for awful Intel graphics.

    Seriously, why in the world would Apple downgrade their graphics by a factor of 10?

  • Mike Grunewald

    HD4000 is not that bad at all it Runs BF3 on high settings Easy

  • xqoyx

    So when it will be the next MBP 2012 line released? i’d like to know..anyone..???

  • Birkmeister

    Have you tried playing HD on that graphics crapolla?  Stu stu stu stu stu… stu stu stu… stu stutter stutter!

    Intel even faked game play at CES.  Yuck.  Intel should have paid their engineers to innovate, rather than spending all that money and effort on monopolizing.

  • MySkyizBlue

    my guess is sometime this year

  • wadehm

    I had the black MacBook that had the integrated Intel graphics. That was the worst product ever. It was horrible. Many games and apps don’t run with Intel graphics. I had to check before purchasing software to see if it said not compatible with Intel graphics.