AT&T: We’re Selling The New iPad On Friday, Too!


You could buy a new iPad from AT&T starting on Friday, but why would you?
You could buy a new iPad from AT&T's stores starting on Friday morning, but why would you?

This shouldn’t take anyone by surprise, but with the new iPad going on sale on Friday at 8 a.m. at Apple Stores around the country, AT&T will also have units that they’ll be selling at their retail outlets on the same day. Don’t count on being able to easily get one, though.

Today, AT&T has officially announced they will offer all Wi-Fi + 4G iPads through their sales channels starting on March 16th.

As usual, AT&T will be using the launch as an opportunity to hook you into a data plan. Ma Bell offers three tiers: a rip-off 250MB plan for $14.99, a 3GB plan for $30, and a 5GB plan for $50. You also get free access to AT&T’s 29,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country, which are literally never around when you need them.

I know what you’re thinking. With lines for the new iPad likely to be long outside of Apple’s official retail stores, why not just head on over to your local AT&T retail shop and buy one there, skipping all the lines?

Well, lemme tell you, I tried just that last year, and no AT&T shop I tried within thirty miles had any. They would all just let you pre-order them. Apple seems to be doing a better job supplying demand this time around, but I doubt most AT&T stores will be flush with the new iPad.

Then there’s the fact that you probably shouldn’t be buying an AT&T iPad this time around anyway. Verizon has the clearly superior LTE network, plus they are including personal hotspot with every iPad sold for free. Why would you buy an AT&T iPad at all this time around?

  • Eric Barbosa

    I bought an AT&T iPad for unlimited 4G access :)

  • Lyndell

    Did you see the speed tests, Verizons LTE was moving slower then AT&Ts HSPA+ network it was sad. Ma Bell (AT&T) is rich, so now that Apple went with LTE they are going to build it out, plus it has there HSPA+ witch is in way more places then LTE. I with my iPhone 4S got a max of 9.99mps an average of 7mps iPad has an even faster connection with those same towers, that’s why, the iPad is an investment even if you get one every year. What will sell better after the year. Just saying I think AT&T is going to pull some LTE out there buts, Verizon people will have have unreliable LTE, and *pukes in mouth* EV-DO will be there fall back and that is useless.

  • K Jackson

    That’s the 2nd post you have made stating why would you buy an AT&T iPad.  WTH is the matter with you?  Maybe some people are grandfathered.  Maybe some are in an area where AT&T smokes Verizon speed-wise for LTE.  Maybe people are current Verizon customers and want something different.  It’s getting annoying, man.  You are starting to sound like a Verizon fanboy.