CEO Tim Cook Just Cashed $11.1 Million In Apple Stock



Apple CEO Tim Cook cashed in on $11.1 million worth of Apple stock today, according to a filing with The Securities and Exchange Commission. 20,178 of Cook’s shares were sold off through a series of 5 transactions at various individual stock prices ranging from $547-$551.

Not a bad pay day.

Cook was given 1 million Apple shares last August. Half of the stocks will be available to him in August of 2016 and half in August of 2021, assuming he stays with the company.

AAPL stock is currently valued at $552/share, making Apple the most valuable company on earth.

[via iPhoneinCanada]

  • Dwayne Daughtry

    maybe he cashed in the stock to buy a new iPad. Being that they are backordered, the demand has caused the iPad to increase in black-market prices. hahaha

  • Joe Zou

    Those are restricted stock unit expiration transactions. The restricted stock unit expiration date was 3/10/12 as shown on the Form 4.  

  • ilpappas

    but why?

  • Nourez Rawji

    I dunno, I guess he just wanted to buy something nice and shiny?

  • steffenjobbs

    He’s cashing out before Apple pulls back to $500 when Apple announces they only sold 3 million new iPads in the first week due to supply shortages.  Wall Street expected them to sell as least 5 million.  Anything less will be cause for mass disappointment.  Cries for more forced overtime for Foxconn employees to keep up with product demand.


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