Looks Like Apple Stores Will Start Selling New iPads At 8AM On Friday


Is it 8am yet?

It’s a little under four days until the new iPad begins going on sale at Apple Stores around the counry, and there’s still no word when they’ll officially behin going on sale. Will Apple Stores open early to accomodatethe clammoring hordes, or will they open at the usual hour? And even if they do, will Apple start selling the iPad late in the afternoon, as they did last year?

Last year, Apple opened their stores early to help people get their iPad 2s, and it’s starting to look like Apple might do the same this year.

The Houston Chronicle notes that the new Houston Highland Village Apple Store has just sent out an official notice that they will be having their Grand Opening on Friday, March 16th at 8:00AM… two hours earlier than the normal opening times.

While an Apple spokesman wouldn’t confirm whether or not the iPad would go on sale at that time, they did say that “an early opening is typical when the company starts selling a new iPad or iPhone model.”

This is hardly a lock, but it seems likely that Apple will accommodate iPad customers early that day. God, I’d hate to be an Apple Store employee in Highland Village: can you imagine having to deal with a new iPad launch on your very first day? Insanity!

[via MacRumors]