iPad Mini Will Get Slim Bezel To Maximize Viewing Area [Rumor]


How would a smaller iPad fit into Apple's iOS product lineup?
How would a smaller iPad fit into Apple's iOS product lineup?

Apple’s latest iPad was not accompanied by the rumored “iPad mini” at its launch event in San Francisco last week. But according to sources in Apple’s supply chain, the smaller tablet is still on the way. One of its features, they claim, will be a slim bezel that will aim to maximize its viewing area.

The new iPad, like its predecessors, will feature a 9.7-inch display packed into a frame that measures 241.2 x 185.7 mm. The iPad mini, however, is expected to feature a 7.85-inch display that will allow it to compete with more compact tablets like the Kindle Fire from Amazon, or the Galaxy Tab 7.0 from Samsung.

In order to maximize the viewing area on the smaller device, the iPad mini will sport a slim bezel, according to sources for DigiTimes. Its display may not be Retina quality, but it will boast in-place switching/fringe-field switching panels manufactured by LG Display and AU Optronics.

The device is expected to priced between $249 and $299, DigiTimes reports.

[via Macworld]

  • Bob Roebling

    About how many times has this rumor come up again?  I think we should drop it like the flash rumor.

  • joewaylo

    It’s hard to drop a strong belief we’ll be seeing concepts and patents become real. We may even see the touchscreen iMac, the edge to edge iPad screen with holodeck display, and many more.

  • Un_FollowMe

    Here we go again. You’d think we’d get at least 2 months off from this rumor. 

  • Adam Brewer

    For the love of God, stop posting rumors from Digitimes.  Especially ones as stupid and poorly thought out as this one.
    Do you even know WHY the bezel is there in the first place?

    It’s a place to grip the device and it’s about the width of an average human thumb.

    The bezel is not going to be smaller on an “iPad mini”.  If anything, it’ll make up a greater proportion of the device (percentage wise) if the screen is smaller.  The bezel can’t change size because it’s linked to the size of the average human thumb.

    And that’s all predicated on a device form-factor which Steve Jobs issued a *lengthy* rant against becoming reality in the first place.

    And don’t trot out the tired and played out comeback that Apple eventually made a lot of things Steve dismissed.  Those were short and quick dismissals.  Not lengthy rants.

    Steve didn’t give a 5+ minute rant on a quarterly earning call against movies on an iPod.
    Steve didn’t give a 5+ minute rant on a quarterly earning call against eBooks.

    Steve *did* give a 5+ minute rant on a quarterly earning call against smaller tablets and his explanation given was primarily based on a problem that isn’t likely to be solved with technology in the future (human anatomy).  Technology can advance all it want — human anatomy won’t fundamentally change in the next few years.

  • Matt Sevely

    Rumor or not, I’m not buying that….literally.

  • joewaylo

    I doubt myself that iPad Mini will be official and real. Same as the iPhone Shuffle and iPhone Nano.

  • techgeek01

    Steve Job is an asshole.  All he cared about is his agenda.  There are plenty of people who will say, 3.5″ is NOT the optimal size for a smartphone and that 9.7″ is NOT the optimal size for a tablet.

    Really, to cover what most people want, size wise, you would want to make 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5 inch phones.  Then you want to make 8, 9 and 10 inch tablets. (possibly 11 and 12 inch as well.

    6.0, 6.5 and 7.0 Overlapping. smartphones and tablets both these sizes.

    Those things I listed above will cover far more people than the 3.5″ and 9.7″ tablet.

    But, your talking about at least 13 different sizes.  Apple just has 4 sizes to deal with.  Well, in reality actually 2. (4 if you want to say retina iPhone and iPad).

    Yes, you can state how many iPhones and iPads Apple has sold, but keep in mind.  Want an iOS device? Only Apple makes iOS devices.  What an iPhone and iPad? well, you are limit (literally) to one size.  And that how apple grabs you.  Apple may sold 100 million iPhones with 3.5 inch displays (making up numbers), but the reason for that could have been for iPhone/iOS instead of the display size.  Yes, people may wanted a larger or smaller phone, but they wanted an iPhone and there is only one size offered. So it was either no iPhone and a 4.5 inch display, or iPhone and a 3.5 inch displays.  Personally, I know plenty of people who would LOVE to have a iPhone with a 4.3 inch display if not larger, but they spend way too much on iOS to go switch to an Android or Windows phone with a larger display. So iOS is a more important factor than display size. The point of this paragraph is:  Just because Apple is bringing in record sales does not necessarily mean that people specifically WANT a 3.5 inch phone and/or 9.7 inch tablet. 

  • Unis Zuurmond

    Totally disagree. Unlike most companies pushing products at ever coceivable size and spec, to see what will work, Aplle does proper research, for days on end, to see if it’s a fad or will last, and then they produce the winning product. Look, Apple is not perfect, their software is a little messy lately, but their harware is well thought out, leading edge rather than bleeding edge.

  • Schuyler Chase

    You ended with the most important fact and it directly contradicts your entire argument about size. People buy an iPhone or iPad for iOS. The software is more important than the hardware. Now that Jobs is gone they are free to make whatever size they please, however making the same device multiple times in half-inch increments is just ridiculous. They are the market leaders because they don’t follow the trends, they create the trends. You can’t disregard their record sales because obviously people want these devices regardless of what screen size it has.

  • Shane Bryson

    Nope. Won’t see ANY of that.

  • Shane Bryson

    This is the kind of tripe that loses readers. STOP FEEDING IGNORANT RUMORS.

  • Gregintosh

    Apple isn’t going to start fragmenting its product lines just because Steve Jobs is gone and isn’t there to stop them. 

    And what resolution do you suppose all these different tablets would run at? And how would that affect developers? One of the best things about developing for iOS is that you make two sizes, one for phone and one for tablet and it works with ALL Apple hardware, guaranteed.

    Start introducing weird sizes and resolutions and you’re basically giving up the main advantage that iOS has for developers over Android.

    Its also a great feature for users where you know any iPad listed as an iPad will work with your device, versus worrying about how it will look or if you particular model supports it.

    Android is trying to coalesce into some standards to finally get everyone on the same page to improve its offerings in the app store (err.. Google Play store), and Apple would just look at that and go the other direction away from success? No way.

    Unless the new 7.8″ was 1024×768, so it could seamlessly scale apps. I just don’t see it though because it would make it harder to use (for people with fat fingers).

  • tornacious

    Holy crap! An iPad with a 12″ display would take my money immediately.

  • John Howell

    Apple already make an iPad mini. It’s called the iPod touch.
    the fire isn’t better at doing anything the iPad does except be cheaper. And it doesn’t look like apple are having any trouble selling every iPad they can make now, why start a whole new line?

  • John Howell

    People won’t watch movies on a 3″ screen. Actually, one I got my iPad this is largely true. However I do when on a plane, or for short video podcasts.
    People don’t read books anymore. Steve was just wrong on this one. Sorry.
    One of the other reasons the iPad is the size it is: that how big the battery needs to be to last 10 hrs use, and a month on standby.

  • Neil Harris

    I would also like a larger one.

  • Conrad MacIntyre

    A link to my commentary on the “iPad Mini” – http://rampantspeculation.word

  • Conrad MacIntyre

    A link to my commentary on the “iPad Mini” – http://rampantspeculation.word