Double Feature Answers The Question ‘What Movie Were Those Guys In Together?’



Double Feature is a great new iPhone app which is going to revolutionize drunken, late-night movie conversations in pubs, bars and kitchens the world over. It has two functions: Movie Match and Name Search. But all you need to know is that when you find yourself saying “Who was that guy in [x] movie? I can’t remember his name… But hey, wasn’t he in [y] movie, too?” then Double Feature is the app you reach for.

To use Double Feature, you tap movie titles into two boxes: “Who was in” and “And also in.” A quick lookup (via iTunes, Amazon or IMDB) later and it will throw up a list of the actors that appeared in both those movies.

You can also do the same with actors and crew. Thus, just tap in the names of Michael Caine and Sean Connery to find out that they were in not just The Man Who Would Be King together, but also A Bridge Too Far.

It’s simple, focused and fast, and — when you need it — incredibly useful, but it mightn’t help me when I watch movies with my mother. Family movie nights go like this: My mother spends the first ten minutes saying “Ohhh! What was he in?” every time a new actor comes on screen. Then she says she’s not following the story, and she goes to take a bath. Then, usually five minutes before the end, during the exciting climax, she reappears and asks what has happened. Back before VCRs and DVRs, this usually meant missing the end of the film.

Double Feature is just $2 on the App Store. Buy it, and win every pub quiz ever from now on.

  • Frank928

    Looks like a fun app, of course another way to quickly check for an actor in a certain movie is the Leonard Maltin Movie Guide app – plus has great reviews & access to trailers.

  • prof_peabody

    This is like that annoying “quiz” that comes up before a movie at the Theatre.  People are actually willing to pay money for this?  

  • Tristan Cooke

    That is a good app… but this one is more for a specific purpose, and faster and nicer for that.