Lines Already Forming Outside Of Apple Retail Stores Ahead Of New iPad Launch This Friday



Apple fans hoping to be the first to get their hands on the company’s latest iPad have already begun lining up outside of its flagship retail stores ahead of the device’s launch this Friday, March 16.

There’s still just under four days to go until the third-generation device goes on sale, but that hasn’t stopped the lines from forming. Ali and Zohaib are the first two people to set up camp outside of Apple’s Regent Street store in London.

This isn’t the first time the pair have camped out for a new Apple gadget, and they’re certainly not going to be alone. Over the course of this week we’re sure to see more lines forming outside of Apple stores, and not everyone will be queuing for themselves.

Demand for Apple’s products is always huge, so there’s money to be made by getting your hands on them early. With Apple stores set to sell out over the launch weekend, people will pay big bucks to get their hands on the device through other channels, like eBay. Some will even pay for your place in line, as SlashGear notes:

 Queuing for a week may seem crazy to some, but it’s a potentially lucrative strategy if you’re not too keen on keeping an iPad for yourself. Even in the short time we spoke to the pair, a passer-by offered to buy their place for the coming Friday, at the cost of an iPad itself.

Lining up early doesn’t seem so crazy now, does it?

Have lines begun forming outside your local Apple store yet?

  • brithead4490

    Hanging out with other nerds in front of a nerd mecca is fun.  Good for them.  Good for the upcoming lines at Apple, Microsoft, etc.  I hope to join one soon.

  • DrM47145

    no comments…

  • FriarNurgle

    If I didn’t have a job or kids and was independently wealthy I’d probably get in line too.  

  • MySkyizBlue

    How selfish do you have to be that you just have to be the first one with the new iPad.
    Enough to camp outside a store for days. Do these guys not have jobs or school to go to?and have they never heard of preordering? I guess if you have nothing better to do…

  • criticmac

    My day on the 16th will consist of 1) sleeping in at home (day off yea!) 2) lighting a candle to put in the window for the Fed Ex/UPS guy or gal 3) staring rather impatiently out the window waiting for the packages to arrive (iPad 3 and ATV) 4) blogging about what I discover about the new gadgets. Weeeeee……After delivery I might go to the local Apple store and heckle the people in line. lol

  • Ronald

    Exactly.  Why camp out for days at the Apple Store when you can have your UPS driver deliver it to your door on release day?

  • Bob Roebling

    Good thing I was able to pre-order mine.  Its already about 100 miles away. Usually takes about 2-3 days from that place, I may get it a day early.

  • Bob Roebling

    Its not really selfish, these guys are geeks, very slim chance they have anything better to do.

  • Jonathan Mello

    waiting in line is fun, it’s more about the experience. agreed though 4 days is overkill. i’ll jump in line on friday

  • criticmac

     Being in line can be fun! But I’m not doing it this year!

  • JoshObra

    Wow, they had like at least three days to pre-order unlike previous rollouts. Or they just wanted publicity.

    If I was going to wait in line for an iPad, it would be the store with the no tax + free shipping option IMO (online stores of course).

    But they do have some kind of advantage, they could get the iPad early in the morning. As for me, mines would arrive in my doorstep at 3PM while they play with theirs since the morning. But do you really have to wait all week for just a few hours before everyone else?

    But waiting in line is pretty fun… I always make some new friends when I waited in line for the iPhone the past few years.

  • Simon Michaels

    Pre-ordered it and got the shipping notification on Saturday. Probably get it Wed/Thurs. easy.

  • zendiesel

    Pre-ordering is the way to go, but I guess the excitement of being in the front of line when the Apple store is fun.

  • DrM47145


    …but funny.

  • Jake Curran

    I’ll be waiting in line for 24+ hours at the Apple Store Rideau. This will be my first time, I just want to experience the hype and excitement that surrounds the new iPad. I hope that I am first in line if I am going to wait 24 hours as it is just a small in mall store.

  • CaveMan5464

    Fat chance. If you get it that early, put it on ebay and double your money.

  • twitter-144787266

    Cool. Occupy Apple it is.

  • MySkyizBlue

    you’re probably right but hobos would be pissed to know these guys choose to camp outside when they have nice warm houses/apartments waiting for them.

  • Shaun Green

    You forgot to mention calling the fire brigade as your curtains catch fire from the candle you put next to them lol

  • Lucy Stewart

    Hmm…I’m glad I pre-ordered!!  I got an email saying it won’t arrive until the 20th now but oh well, saves waiting in a que…hate places with too many people in one space….really looking forward to getting my iPad though!  :)

  • Lina Zawaideh

     I hope you don’t get the same FedEx guy that threw the monitor over the fence :0

  • Matt Baker

    actually these are those pesky 99% protesters who are tired and needed a place to sit down.