Our iPad Has Shipped. Has Yours? [Open Thread]



Oh snap! My iPad is leaving China and making its way across the Pacific already. By this time next Friday I’m gonna be getting super intimate with my new iPad’s 3.1million pixels and learning their deep dark secrets.

Has your iPad shipped yet? Or are you one of those unlucky souls in the U.K.? Post a pic of your iPad’s shipment status in the comments so we can all collectively celebrate that Big Jobs in the Sky who is about to rain down a storm of euphoric iPad glory on us come Friday.

  • MacintudeConnor

    I have no idea where your logic is when saying “By this time tomorrow I’m gonna be getting super intimate with my new iPad’s 3.1million pixels and learning their deep dark secrets.”. Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not happening. You’ll have to wait until Friday like everyone else.

  • JoshObra

    Mines is still labeled as “Preparing for Shipment” while my Apple TV still says “Processing Items”.

    I could imagine a cargo airplane with nothing but a shipment of iPads in the air already, and truckloads going towards the airport.

  • Carl Friend

    I won’t order till May since I just got a refurbished  AT&T  IPhone 4s.

  • code_poet

    Yep, mine shipped too.

  • Carl Friend

    32 gigs

  • perkins109

    Am i the only one who’s iPad is being shipped from Pennsylvania and not china also mine is being shipped via fed ex

  • Live4Ever

    you must have ordered a kindle fire on accident sorry

  • perkins109

    haha well if that is the case I severely overpaid. 

  • prof_peabody

    Mine is shipped, but that doesn’t mean much.  Generally it bounces around all over the world for ten days before it arrives anyway.  

    Last time mine went Shenzhen -> Kentucky -> Ottawa -> Calgary -> Kentucky -> Calgary -> Vancouver -> and then here. 

  • Ever So Free

    Mine has not shipped 32gb white I wonder why

  • Benji Kindle

    You are not the only one. I am also getting mine from PA through FedEx.

  • Rj Bowman

    I have ordered the same one, and i have the same problem.

  • vanmacguy

    Mine is “Preparing for Shipment” but AppleTV is still “Processing”.

  • Magrat22

    Mines still preparing for shipping and standard shipping.

  • Nudsui

    Smart cover shipped but not the iPad.

    What I hate most is the smart cover is coming on Wednesday while the iPad comes on Friday. I’m just gonna have to sit there bending the smart cover for a few days.

  • Ever So Free

    Damn its probably the most purchased. White and 32gig are awesome

  • Marcel Gatete

    With all due respect, I don’t know where you read that. On my screen I read “By this time next Friday I’m gonna be getting super intimate with my new iPad’s 3.1million pixels and learning their deep dark secrets.”

  • Ever So Free

    Anyone else consider getting it engraved saying ipad 3

  • JohnK

    Because Cult of Mac changed their post. It originally said “by this time tomorrow” – it still shows the original text in the Google results page.

  • JohnK

    Yep, mine is coming FedEx from PA. I could drive there from MI in 8 hours and get it before next Friday. 

  • JohnK

    My tracking with FedEx says my 16gb white was Picked up in MIDDLETOWN, PA Mar 9, 2012 2:33 PM Standard Overnight – Indirect. Must be REALLY indirect if it’s going to take until next Friday to get here. Middletown is only a 10 hour drive from my house.

  • prof_peabody

    For the record, mine is 32GB white and it has shipped. 

  • Buster

    typo my friend. chill out

  • Buster

    I actually considered that for a minute. Then thought it might add time to the shipping and make it less valuable when i resell it next year so i didn’t

  • Sue Pearson-Hemmerich

    Mine is 64G black LTE Wifi and arrived in Anchorage at 11:54am today!

  • JoshObra

    By the way, that’s the iPad you’re giving away.. right? :]

  • Steven

    Mine is showing picked up, from PA – With a hold for Future Delivery Requested

  • MWinNYC

    I ordered the same model, and it arrived in Anchorage at the same time.

  • r moore82

    iPads and Apple TV still show “Processing Items.”  – I didn’t order until today.

  • buggietechnica

    Mine just arrived in Futian China, where I live, but it says it will be delivered on March 16th. The f^%&?

  • Bob Forsberg

    I had mine engraved….no shipping notification yet…I fear a delay is in my future.

  • tornacious

    I ordered the same and it still says processing, even though I co pleted my order5 minutes after the Apple Store went live. The trick was ordering from my iPad instead of a PC.

  • Chris Ferri

    I had mine engraved and mine has shipped and has gone through China to Anchorage and left there already. I had mine engraved to say “Think different.”

  • Anthony

    Mine is coming from Penn as well, only 4 hours away…

  • mikells43

    mines in my state already. 

  • hausoftrinity

    Mine is somewhere over the Pacific ocean. It left China and is somewhere in a cargo plane. It’s engraved, too. 32GB, black and wifi. Why the hell will it be five business days, though. 

  • NotSoNinja

    In the UK but seems like I’m one of the lucky ones as it’s showing as shipped with delivery still 16th March!

  • Karel Hlavac

    I live in UK and have ordered 2 new iPads both 32GB [black and white] – just got an email this morning – they are both shipped however the black one is with TNT [no info yet] and the white one with Syncreon and being in delivery hub in Hinckley stated 24 hour shipping [only 25 miles from where I live].

    Am hoping to get it soon :o]

  • Amarokada

    Got my email at 04:23 this morning (UK), black and white 64GB Wifi models, both with Syncreon but no other info yet (says to allow 24 hours before tracking info turns up)

  • iDaveG

    Then get it engraved “The New iPad” It’s a win win surely

  • iDaveG

    I have the iPad 2 and will hold on to it for another year, hopefully in time for The New iPad S

    I’m gearing up for the iPhone ? this year, but am going to be really pissed if they call it “The New iPhone”

    Part of the kudos of buying the latest tech is to have the latest model, so when I’m sat in that queue come June/July (Hopefully) I don’t want to buy a new iPhone I want to buy an iPhone 5

  • Alaeddin Nimer

    mine shipped yesterday 

  • David Hemming

    UK  2 16gb Black NEW iPads confirmed shipping for 16th, still won’t count my chickens until they are here 

  • chapps

    Same here. But it’s still showing the 3/16 delivery date, so no worries.

  • Florian Gabsteiger

    Did anyone order the AppleTV in addition to the iPad (32gb white, wifi)? I ordered around 2h after the keynote (German store was offline that long) and my status is “ready to be shipped 16. – 19. march….don’t really understand why I wouldn’t get it on launch day and figured it might be related to the AppleTV? 

  • ddr3ck

    Mine shipped this morning from PA to MI. Wondering if I can just have them hold it at w/e FedEx site it sits at before final delivery? Maybe pick it up early, myself? Anyone ever tried this or know if it’s even possible?

  • trex67

    I don’t get why mine (64 GB Verizon, white) hasn’t yet shipped. I ordered it as soon as the Apple Store went live. I didn’t use express checkout because I needed to use a different card, but the order went through after a few minutes of slowly loading pages. I’m not too worried – the “Processing Items” box still reads “Delivers  on March 16 via Standard Shipping.”

    Update: Preparing for Shipment. Yeah!

  • trex67

    Don’t know if it’s possible to pick up, but I do remember reading about a few first generation iPads being “accidentally” delivered a few days early.

  • JoshObra

    I ordered the same thing and same time as you did. My Apple TV still shows at “Processing” and iPad is at “Preparing for shipment” for the past two days already but still at March 16.

    The thing I fear most is that they’ll send my iPad after the release date, I’ll be mad. :[

  • JoshObra

    Yeah, I’m kind of feeling the same way when I was talking about it with friends today… I still found myself calling the new iPad, iPad 3.

    I think everyone would call it that way… even at the stores. I just remembered how I got so confused with the iPod touches nowadays because I can’t tell what generation it was until I looked up the model number.

  • Guest

    My new iPad left Middletown, PA today, but despite being only a short 2 hour drive, it will take 6 loooooong days to arrive. Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? :) the Apple TV has not yet shipped.

    Interestingly, I had to cancel a duplicate order that Apple seemed to make on my behalf.

  • Matthew Sanders

    Just shipped! Black 32GB Verizon.

  • ocguy01

    I just received my shipping confirmation. When I track on FedEx site it says delivery is set for Monday, 3/12/2012 before 3 pm!

  • Brian Barrow

    Just received the email! Shipping from Middletown, PA with a delivery date of March 16th!

  • Denster2u

    Shipped and on schedule for Mar 16th!

  • Pandoran

    Mine shipped yesterday, from China. Squueee!

  • Helene Goldberg

    Mine shipped and is in Ontario, CA (my state) for delivery on 3/16. They seem to be holding for “future delivery”. Why not deliver it Monday? So near…..

  • jeff kryvicky

    64gig wifi, shipped from Middletown, PA. I hate that it has to sit on a truck or warehouse for a week just to go a few hours away. It says “Future delivery requested”.

  • genegnome

    <tears and=”” more=”” tears=””> I waited too long. Now mine isn’t shipping until the 19th. My iP2 will have to last me another week I guess. </tears>

  • WilliamKooney

    Mine has shipped too! Estimated date is friday! Coming from PA to me in NJ….Friday? C’mon!!

  • Joseph Martin Shea

    Did anybody else order their’s on wednesday and apple’s website says their iPad shipped but the tracking number doesn’t work? And it shipped on the 9th

  • Joseph Martin Shea

    when did you order?

  • MacintudeConnor

    Oh, I see you updated your article “By this time next Friday” to remove the idiotic idea you’d get it today.

    Oh, and you removed my original comment pointing your non-logic out. Stay classy, Cult of Mac.

  • Eric Barbosa

    ugh :( mine is still preparing for shipment and i ordered the day of :'(

  • jayjaytee

    I ordered mine “ship to store” in sales-tax-free New Hampshire, so I expect it to be waiting for me at the Rockingham Park Apple Store next weekend. 

  • Eric Barbosa

    but my delivery is still March 16 :)

  • Dennis Fritchie

    Mine was picked up in Nashville and originally said delivery was scheduled for the 12th. I was stoked! Now it’s changed to “Future Delivery Requested” and says it will be delivered on the 16th.

  • Nicholas Gibson

    I live like 30 minutes away from Nashville. So why can i not get it sooner?

  • Matthew Sanders

    You can’t get it sooner b/c it doesn’t come out until the 16th. It’s not rocket science.

  • JoshObra

    I just got a shipment e-mail. Yay!

    Coming from Ontario, CA… about two hours away from where I live with a “please ship this baby later” request. What are they sending it with, carrier pigeons? Storks? Turtles? Slugs?
    They don’t mean the Ontario in Canada right?

    Hopefully they “overlook” that request… hopefully.

    Also Apple TV is still “in process” sadly. But I’m pretty excited now! :]Only thing I’m sad about was that I just found out B&H Photo is selling the iPad 2 and 3 for no tax and free shipping today. But I doubt they’ll ever have stocks of them for the next month or two.

    EDIT: I just checked my debit card… the transaction with Apple disappeared and the ~$750 for the iPad and TV came back to me. That’s odd?

  • 661Lawoffice

    Ok, I preordered the 32gb black wifi new ipad on the 8th, and still being processed.  Here’s a side question–I am perfectly happy with my ipad2, and have no urgency for the new one.  Assuming I get it on the 16th, is it realistic and ethical, to resell it right away for a profit?  it hadn’t occurred to me do this, but I remember the first week I had that ipad 2, people were paying premium dollars for the ones available?  How much realistically can one make here in the Los Angeles area?  Any guesses?  or should i just shut up, and enjoy the new ipad when i get it?

  • Nicholas Gibson

    I know but I wish I could go pick it up.

  • JoshObra

    You can give it a try.. but I’m pretty sure your best bet (and more profit) is to selling it overseas.

  • JoshObra

    You can give it a try.. but I’m pretty sure your best bet (and more profit) is to selling it overseas.

  • Matthew Sanders

    Ethical? Huh? If someone is willing to pay for it, make all the profit you want.

  • iAhsan

    same here, mine is shipping from FedEx and i’m also in Michigan, is this a Michigan thing?

  • Benji Kindle

    I’m from Ohio, but it might have something to do with where we are

  • perkins109

    I am from New Jersey and the 3 hour drive to middletown is tempting.

  • Trinity Wallace

    I got a 32G white AT&T engraved and mine has shipped out of China via UPS and they are telling me that the delievery date that they see is the 12th :) maybe mine will slip thru and come early but not holding my breath
    It’s sitting in Louisville, Kentucky right now since early yesterday

  • Andy Gall

    I live in PA and mine is in Middletown, PA.  So close yet sooo far away.

  • Charles Dodd

    My 64gb black sitting in Nashville, Tn and I live in Western Kentucky about 100 miles west

  • Nicholas Gibson

    Mine is in Nashville Tn also! 

  • Jason Gonzalez

    mine is coming from PA too im from NY hopefully we all have it before everybody so we can rule the world for a couple of days 

  • genegnome

    Wow! I ordered my 32gb black on the 9th, after ship dates had already slipped to the 19th, with delivery scheduled on the 21st. I just got a shipping notice (from Ontario Ca) with a delivery date of the 16th. Color me stoked!
    I grew up in Ontario, so maybe its a hometown perk :)

  • criticmac

    Not shipped yet, but probably won’t be until today. We’ll see! I still expect to get it and my Apple TV on Friday.

  • Unknown

    how do you know the exact location of wheres yours is? Mine just says shipped.

  • Dean Morris

    according to apple my early order caught a locally stocked unit so my search is still showing “preparing for shipment” as of 3/14 with no chinese or midwestern cities as part of the delivery path.