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Favs For Mac Collects All Your Favorites Into One Place


Favs is fantastically useful, and very pretty, too
Favs is fantastically useful, and very pretty, too

I favorite things a lot. I star things in Twitter and Google Reader, I like things in Instapaper, and I may or may not have once liked something on Facebook. All of this is for my work, as a way to bookmark stories and facts for later use. Every once in a while I try to work out how to collect them all into one universal inbox, but I never manage it. Now, thanks to the developer of the excellent Essay app for iPad, there’s an app for that. It’s called — appropriately enough — Favs.

Favs is a Mac app which pulls together your various favorites from pretty much anywhere, from Twitter through Instagram to ZooTool. Here’s the full list:

Delicious, Dribbble, Facebook, Flattr, Flickr, Github, Google Reader, Instagram, Instapaper, Pinboard, Readability, Read It Later, StackOverflow, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and Zootoo.

Phew. Enter your login details for each service (some, like Twitter, don’t require a login as they pull from a public source) and Favs will grab all of your favorites into an inbox. You can filter by source, or just do an instant, in-line search to find what you want. New items show up as unread.

You can also follow other people’s favorites if they are public. This could be creepy or useful. I added Cult of Mac’s Twitter favorites to mine, to keep an eye out for anything useful (tip: if you want to see something funny, check out Cult of Mac’s favorite tweets and scroll down to the 7th one).

I have been trying Favs out for a couple of minutes so far, but I can already see that its going to be a very useful app indeed. It’s also cheap, at just $5 on the Mac App Store.

[Thanks, Dirk!]