This iPad Bag Is The One Indiana Jones Would Use


All you need is a floppy Fedora and you're done
All you need is a floppy Fedora and you're done

If you make anything but iPad cases, you’d be a fool to announce a new product on the same day as an Apple keynote. So, it’s a sign of how smart the folks over in San Francisco-based Waterfield designs are that they held off announcing their new bag until now. It’s a smart little waxed canvas number called the Muzetto Outback.

The Outback comes in five sizes: a ten-incher for iPads and netbooks (as if anyone still has one of those, right?), plus more sized variously for 10-inch to 15-inch MacBooks and MacBook Airs, and a tiny one for non-digital goods.

All are finished in a rather fetching waxed canvas, which — says Waterfield — will get better looking with age, kind of like Robert De Niro. Inside you’ll find one main chamber with a smaller pocket on the front, and a patch pocket round back for papers or magazines (another defunct item).

I have tested a few Waterfield bags in the past, and found them to be top-notch in both construction and design. I will not, however, be buying this one. I have such a bad bag-buying habit that The Lady has instigated a one-in-one-out policy, and I just can’t bear to see any of my bags go.

The Muzetto Outback starts at $150.

[Thanks, Heidi!]

  • andya41

    This is the best company to do business with.  I have ordered from them several times and products ship sometimes within hours after the order is placed and I get it on the east coast within two days.  This bag looks great.  I ordered one this morning and I know I will get it shortly after it ships at the end of the month.

  • Steven Smith

    I have 13″ Muzetto for more than one year now. Expensive but durable and great looking. Definitely worth every penny. Highly recommended.

  • CharliK

    Looks like a higher class version of the bags from Tom Bihn. I love my Bihn but I might have to check these out for my next bag. Pity it doesn’t have some kind of snap to hold that flap in place though. I’m a bike rider and I don’t fancy that top piece flying around, especially in the rain. that and a waist strap is why I got the TB in the first place (that and I knew them from living in Seattle)

  • Andrew Jacobson

    I bought the Muzetto 10″ over a year ago and will never regret it.  I too ride bike (motorcycle) and the flap at highway speeds will flap but I usually just flip the bag so the flap faces my back and no more flapping.  While driving around town I don’t get any flapping at all.  

    I’m sure the Outback is great but the weathered look of my current bag is cause enough to not consider it, however the price is better now.  Plus I don’t see my iPad changing drastically enough in the future for me to need to by a different size.  I can even take my MacBook Air with the iPad but who needs and Air when you have the iPad anyway.  Can’t say enough great things about this bag or the company.

  • So sick of it

    I think Indiana Jones would probably carry a Ghurka bag.||Chestnut%20Leather

  • John

    I have had a Muzetto now and really like it. The company making them is great. I’ve bought several things from them and have never been disappointed.