New Version Of iPhoto For Mac Finally Lets You Delete Pics From Photo Stream


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Following the release of iOS 5.1 and the long-awaited ability to delete individual photos from Photo Stream, a new version of iPhoto for Mac has been released with the same feature. You can now delete photos from your iCloud Photo Stream on all of your Apple devices and have your changes synced instantly.

iPhoto 9.2.2 for Mac is now available in the Mac App Store for free. The update weighs in at a hefty 354.57 MB.

Included in Version 9.2

  • Addresses compatibility with iCloud and iOS 5
  • Left and right swipe gestures can now be used to navigate between photos in Magnify (1-up) view
  • Previously imported photos are now displayed in a separate section of the Import window
  • Book/calendar themes and card categories can now be selected using a pop-up menu in the carousel view
  • Resolves an issue that could cause some pages of books to print incorrectly
  • Rebuilding a library now correctly preserves saved slideshows and books

If you’re like me, you’ve had a ton of screenshots and other useless photos in your Photo Stream that you’ve been wanting to delete. Now you can. Previously, you had to completely reset Photo Stream from the iCloud web interface to clear your entire Photo Stream.

iPhoto for Mac can be installed on any computer running OS X Lion for $15. Apple released iPhoto for iOS today, and it’s available in the App Store for $5.

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    nvmd :)

  • diego goldberg

    Yes, you can delete pics from photo stream with the updated iPhoto.
    But on the other devices I have, iPhone and iPad , they are still there.
    No matter what I do, the photo stream tabs show all the “deleted” pics.
    It’s true I don’t have 5.1 on them but they should be able to detect the changes on iCloud.

  • Daniel Imrecke

    i’ve noticed the same thing, and I have updated the software on all my devices…

  • theonlycog

    Deleting a photo from your photostream only deletes it from that device — it does not replicate around the cloud to your other devices.  Quite a strange decision I think

  • joewaylo

    I have noticed this as well. When you delete a picture, there will be a notice that states photos you have selected on photo stream will only be deleted on this device.

    You can however delete all of your photo stream pictures at once. Go to iCloud’s website, then click “Your Name” then click “Advanced” then click “Reset Photo Stream”.

    This purges all photos on Photo Stream that will be permanentally cleaned out.

  • likethepear

    You’re all wrong wrong wrong! If you delete a photo in your photo stream on one device, it deletes it on all devices. BUT you have to turn photo stream off on all your devices first, then turn it back on on all your devices. Then you’ll see that when you delete a photo on your mac for instance, when you check your phone, that photo will be gone on there too. I was having the same problem and figured it out. 

  • facebook-767902235

    Can I access “iPhoto – Journal” on my MAC ? After creating Journal can we edit that on MAC? Do we have web interface for all our Journals? 

    or is this feature of accessing Journal limited to iPhone and iPad alone???

  • CharliK

    At this point, no. You can only create and edit Journals on an iOS device. 

    I suspect that iPhoto will be updated with Mountain Lion and the feature will appear.