Apple’s New iPad Keynote In Just 90 Seconds [Video]



Want to catch up on all the new iPad news but don’t have time to watch the entire 85 minute keynote? We compressed the entire thing down into just 90 seconds for your viewing pleasure. Catch the video after the break.


  • Connor Mulcahey

    Might as well have posted a link to Gizmodo’s that was posted a few hours ago. And on top of that, the articles you have been posting since the end of the Keynote sum have already covered everything. Is this really necessary? 

  • shadowoflight

    “$99.. iPad”


  • Jayphong Nguyen

    “iPad, iPad, iPad, iPad, iPad, blah blah over the iPad 2… iPad, the AMAZING NEW iPAD!!”
    hahahhahahah, love it.

  • The King

    if I watched the whole 85 min, it would be more useful than watching this dumb 90 seconds of confusing summary

  • zviivz

    Tim still looks uncomfortable. I know it’s a tough job to fill in Steve Job’s shoes, especially on the podium. Hopefully, he gets to be himself and enjoy the presentation. Steve’s watching .. :)

  • DamienLavizzo

    Sad to say, but vastly less exciting without Steve Jobs. 


  • munpip214

    maybe if there was a 3 minute or even 5 minute summary. That would be better and easier to follow.

  • ClickMe

    No Siri, no thanks. The screen is nice but not a worthy upgrade. And only a four-core GPU? Please, move along.

  • HotGG

    They iPad target market doesn’t care about what you’re pointing out.

  • Calebswag77

    loving this video! i was way too tired of the ridiculous long summary videos. Check out my rap of the the new iPad event!… 
    tried to throw a fresh video about it into the mix.