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Knockoff MacBook Air Includes a Windows Key



The blog has posted pictures of a butt-ugly MacBook Air knockoff. It promises to be dirt cheap but misses the point by being fatter and uglier.

The knockoff also has a smaller screen — 11″ instead of 13″ — runs a shit processor and has no RAM (1.6GHz Intel Atom and 1GB DDR2).

Amusingly, the blog claims the Air’s design has been “improved” by the addition of some missing features, namely: a removable battery, two USB ports instead of one, and an internal slot for a 3G card (the Air has no 3G support built-in).

No word on pricing, availability or whether it can be hacked to run OS X. It does have a Windows key on the keyboard though.

More pictures and the full specs after the jump.

Via Engadget.

According to, the specs are:
Processor: Intel Atom 1.6GHz
HD: 2.5inch 160GB
Screen: 11.1 inch, 1366*768 resolution
Connectivity: Ports are mainly on left and right sides (as opposed to the back), 2 USB ports, earphone port, power, one RJ-45 port. A card-reader and status lights on the left side.
Battery: 3500mAh (removable)
Dimensions: 277x187x25mm; slightly thicker than the Mac Air but also lighter at 1.33kg (MacBook Air is 1.36kg).