Did Apple Just Preview A New Logo?




Tim Cook & Co. just wrapped up their event on the new iPad. At the very end of the keynote the last slide showed the Apple logo as pictured above. Is this a new logo Apple will be using? Apple rarely makes artistic adjustments to their logo during keynotes. We think it looks pretty neat and is a great modern interpretation of the retro rainbow Apple logo.

What do you think? Will Apple use this new logo more often, or was it a one time thing? Let us hear it in the comments.

  • JoViKe

    No, I shouldn’t think so.

  • Jack Griffiths


  • Arron Hunt

    No, just a branding for the event. I looks sick though! 

  • kaltho

    No, but it’s a nice throwback to the 80-90’s logo. 

  • tekunoloji

    OMG, I think I see Windows Vista flag in there! <sarcasm></sarcasm>

  • Mitch Preston

    If someone made this into a wallpaper, I’d definitely use it.

  • Kevlar

    Isn’t it just the ‘inverted’ version of the logo that was shown at the beginning of the announcement?

    It’s still a nice nod to the old rainbow logo though.

  • Brandon Dillon

    Coincidence of new CEO Tim Cook being (speculated as) gay?

    I like it though, I prefer a more simple and minimalistic look, which Apple has nailed with their current logo.

  • Niraj hirachan

    just a tribute to steve ;)

  • ken147

    make it a background NOW!!!!

  • macfoxpro

    Wallpaper please!!

  • macfoxpro


  • Jefferson Sc


  • Jono Thorne

    I’ll make a wallpaper now. Post the link in a few mins…

  • Vanja Gavri?

    Microsoft Windows colors in Apple logo. Ummmmm, no?

  • Grant Cline

    I believe it looks like an apple logo over a windows logo…

  • Jono Thorne

    Here’s a rough, quick wallpaper for you guys….


  • Blake Beavers


  • Blake Beavers


  • Jerry Yarnetsky

    I suspect one time. However, one of the more recent design trends is having logos that act as a window. The Apple logo would be a natural in that vein. I also see a nice parallel with their products. An iPad becomes whatever the app is running it. The logo becomes whatever is inside it. Very flexible application possibilities if done well.

  • imajoebob

    Sarcasm implies you don’t actually see it.  I thought it might be the perfect logo for Bootcamp.  I’m hoping it was just a variation/inversion of the giant banner logo.

  • Jack Spencer

    exactly what i was thinking.

  • Santiago

    Yeap, I think that’s spot on. They did something similar at the end of the “Viva la Vida” iTunes Ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

    And I think they did it on the Paul McCartney Ad as well…

  • jsk

    Love it! Can we finally get away from all the drab, flat, grayish, depressing, muted color scheme of late.

  • Adam Meyer

    Yes change it. Love it. Use it.

  • Andrij Pok

    it looks like the windows logo in the background of the apple 

  • chiefted

    Kind of like it, throw back wise.

  • Barton Lynch

    I like it. I’s a futuristic throw back. I like how the banner in the front of the Yerba whatever center had the colors around the normal logo, then like went into the logo and replaced it.

  • imbenking

    Well of course it was the inverted logo…but do you not think the brand managers were clever enough to think of that when designing the outside? Knowing full well that it was the rainbow colours? 

  • Rachel Wynkoop

    I really like I doubt it will be the new logo, but it should be.

  • Benavente Patricio

    nice (neo-retro)
    where is the wallpaper?

  • Kim Melvard Fawver

    i think that this would be awesome! apple hasn’t had a refresh in the logo for a long time. and this looks very nice

  • Kim Melvard Fawver

    :O it does doesn’t it??? that weird…. is that another major sign of a company joint? nah nah just kidding… that would suck…

  • sadirbabe

    I (n+1)th the wallpaper.

  • Jim Williams

    My favorite is the middle logo. It is clean and simple in it’s design. I am very fond of the new logo, but then, I am color blind so maybe it just hits me differently than a normal full color seeing person.

  • Daniel Molin

    cut out from the event banner? http://alltommac.se/files/2012

  • ikevvy

    far too much speculation about nothing

  • ikevvy


  • RobertSantellan

    If they did use this from now on, I think it looks great! The current Apple logo, though very simple, is starting to look a bit dated.

  • Guy Tellefsen

    It looks like a clown exploded in a tie-dye factory.

  • Kelvin Smith

    Apple originally had a rainbow logo, why all of a sudden is this a issue of sexual orientation? Yes, he is gay, Steve Jobs wasn’t.