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What Siri On The Apple HDTV Would Be Like [Humor]


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Does the idea of an Apple TV with Siri functionality make the insides of your toes tingle with excitement? We’re there with you, and we totally want to know what it would be like to have Siri in our living room whispering us sweet nothings. Apple didn’t announce a new iTV with Siri functionality yesterday, so we’ll have to wait a little while longer to see what the future holds, but to hold us over till that day comes, Tripp and Tyler made a new video to show us what a Siri TV would be like.

It is absolutely breathtaking.


If you’ve used voice recognition on the Xbox Kinect then this video might hit close to home. Right now the technology has a tendency to get in the way of the experience, which goes against Apple’s design ethos. Would an Apple TV with Siri control be a completely awkward experience? Or do you like the idea of Siri invading your living room and knowing all the things you watch? Share your thoughts in the comments.