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IT Leaders On iPad 3 – We Don’t Expect Apple To Deliver Enterprise Features



What do IT staffers and execs want to see in the iPad 3? Pretty much the same things as everyone else.

Apple is the pink elephant in the room at the CITE Conference in San Francisco. The company isn’t participating but the company’s products, particularly the iPad, are constantly being discussed. In talking to attendees about tomorrow’s iPad 3 launch event, there isn’t a specific IT-oriented feature that they want to see.

That doesn’t mean that the IT leaders here don’t want enterprise capabilities like secure on-device storage or the ability to ensure a VPN connection is used when employees at their companies. But it does mean that most IT leaders aren’t expecting Apple to provide them with the solution. Instead, they’re turning to companies like Good, Bitzer, MobileIron, Boxtone, and others that are exhibiting here (as well as the many companies that make mobile management solutions).

In this way, this proves that Apple’s new enterprise strategy seems to be working. That strategy is not to address every business need but to bake the needed capabilities into iOS OS X and let other vendors step in to produce the ultimate management solutions.

That leaves the company free to focus on user experience and features that appeal to all users – not just enterprise users and IT professionals. As a result, those IT professionals are hoping for the same features as everyone else – LTE, retina displays, larger capacities, and so on.