Calvin & Hobbes Meet OS X In These Fantastic Desktop Wallpapers [Gallery]



Calvin And Hobbes — Bill Watterson’s beautiful elegy to imagination, impishness and inquisitiveness — is still a comic strip that is unmatched in my affections over fifteen years after the final strip ran. In fact, it’s always been interesting to me to imagine what Calvin might be doing now if he’d aged in real-time. He’d be around 32, and really, what company better for him to explore his imagination and his inquisitiveness than Apple?

Since such musings tend to pop around my head, I was delighted to stumble upon this great Reddit thread, in which Redditor ClassicWinger merged Calvin And Hobbes with OS X Lion’s default wallpaper to come up with an all new wallpaper, in which Calvin and his tiger look up at a densely packed universe in the hushed awe it deserves. You can download it in full-resolution here.

Love the wallpaper above, but wishing for something more appropriate to Mountain Lion? We’ve got it after the jump, alone withan even better wallpaper, featuring my favorite Calvin alter-ego, Spaceman Spiff!

Download full-resolution wallpaper here

Download full-resolution wallpaper here


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11 responses to “Calvin & Hobbes Meet OS X In These Fantastic Desktop Wallpapers [Gallery]”

  1. Neil Otto says:

    Love these! Hope they make more!

  2. hans kessler says:


  3. MacGoo says:

    Your links are reversed.

  4. MacGoo says:

    Your links are reversed.

  5. David Marshall says:

    This is exactly the crass commercialization that Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson hated, and could be another reason he quit the business. He never wanted his work on coffee mugs or bumper stickers; why would screensavers fare any better? Just because we like something doesn’t mean we own it, or can “transform” it into a form we like. 

  6. Gareth Stewart says:

    Fantastic? Seriously? Badly photoshopped, poor quality, minimal imagination/creativity … what’s to like? You lot need to get out more …

  7. MeetDennis says:

    Reddit? Calvin & Hobbes? Mac Wallpapers? 
    Too much awesome!

  8. Tallest_Skil says:

    So why is the “Calvin peeing on X” sticker on cars the single most oft-referenced of virtually any bumper sticker?

  9. cosmonautism says:

    Agreed, terrible.

  10. Brian Gregory May says:

    Your versions must be awesome! Would you mine emailing them to me? Thanks!

  11. David Marshall says:

    I don’t mind that one as much, only because it’s satire. Without such allowance, we wouldn’t have SNL or Mad magazine.

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