Master Your Calculator App With This Secret Gesture [iOS Tip]



Did you know that the Calculator app built into iOS has a hidden swipe gesture that allows you to delete those digits that you tap accidentally? No, neither did I until this morning, when I discovered this nifty little backspace trick by accident.

When typing digits into the Calculator app, simply perform a swipe — either to the left or to the right — across the Calculator’s display with one figure to delete the last digit.

Isn’t that cool? I’ve always wanted a backspace button for the Calculator app, and all this time Apple’s been hiding a little gesture that provides this function.

Did you know about this?

  • Christopher Clancy

    Sweet. I had no idea. I am sure I will find this really useful!

  • Luke Coulton

    Wow, orgasmic.  This feature is built in to the native Windows Phone calculator… but it’s not a secret!  It has a button all of it’s own.

  • Matt Ankerich

    Swipe the other way to zero.

  • soupbamac

    Holy cow, thanks so much for this! I’ve been going crazy without a backspace button in the calculator app.

  • Angel My

    Yeah, it was available since iPhone 3

  • DrM47145

    Did not know that one, and it is in fact a pretty neat feature.
    Thanks, Killian!

  • DrM47145

    Swiping LT-RT or RT-LT does the same thing to me.

  • byankeesjeter

    Not sure if this is well known, but you can also press and hold to copy or paste a number into the calculator.

  • Kim Melvard Fawver

    doesn’t work for me

  • nthnm

    The first tip I can actually use! I’ve known about all the prior ones but this one will be SO helpful!

  • KPL Studios

    This feature exists since the original iPhone. We implemented it the same way in iTC Calc ( , our timecode toolkit for filmmakers on iPhone & iPad. We call it Swipe Backspace.