Find My iPad Leads Cops To $35 Million Dollar Stash Of Meth



We’ve seen Find My iPhone lead to some pretty funny arrests over the past few years, but one thing we haven’t seen Apple’s device tracking software do is lead the police to a haven of narcotics. Until now that is. San Jose Police were tracking down a single stolen iPad when they accidentally came across one of the biggest piles of crystal meth the county has ever seen.

Police tracked the iPad via GPS using the Find My iPad function on the device. Even though they didn’t have a search warrant for the apartment building where they tracked the stolen iPad to, the residents let the police enter. Shockingly, the cops found 780 pounds of crystal meth scattered around the apartment, worth about $35million.

“They probably thought if they didn’t [let the police enter], we’d suspect something,” Tomkins said. “Or they thought, ‘I’ll let them in — they probably won’t find anything.'”

District Attorney Jeff Rosen said roughly 100 pounds or a little more of meth are recovered annually in the county, making this seizure “easily at least six years worth,” he said.

“I told my dad about the bust,” said Rosen, “and he said, ‘They have $35 million, and they can’t go out and buy an iPad?

Bottom line is, if you’re a crystal meth dealer you should probably watch more Breaking Bad and learn how to run a tight, clean operation that doesn’t steal iPads. Or at least only work with goons who know how to reset the device once it’s been stolen. Walter White would never stand for such recklessness.

[Mercury News via Gizmodo]

  • Randall Spears

    its hopefully about to also lead police to my iPad which was stolen a couple days ago…if the thieves are dumb enough to connect it to wifi…

  • FriarNurgle

    That’s a lot of meth. 

  • Sam Parmenter

    Someone is in a lot of trouble for that cock up.

  • Artoo

    Wait till Tony finds out…
    Those dumbarses are better off in jail.

  • TheOne

    Haha, that’s funny! I wonder if it had chili powder in it? :)

  • oldwiz65

    Whoever let them in is probably safer in jail; if the higher ups find him he will be found in pieces.

  • warrengonline

    Breaking Bad is great!

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