Apple Lists The Best Selling iPhone And iPad Apps Of All Time


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4 responses to “Apple Lists The Best Selling iPhone And iPad Apps Of All Time”

  1. shannon_f says:

    Like the note about Apple needing to implement a trial basis for apps or something like that!

  2. joewaylo says:

    They do have try before they buy. Most of them are “Words with Friends Free” or “Angry Birds Free” that include the first ten levels before the users must purchase it.

  3. cassandralite says:

    “Best-selling iPhone and iPad Apps of All Time.”

    Wow.  Of all time.  Even before Gutenberg?

  4. Nichole_Bergs says:

    Similar to this App I also like Agora Briefcase which allows you to share files automatically and securely to remote iPads. It’s pretty unique and is a new approach to professional file sharing.
    While all iPad recipients can review the documents as long as I want them to, they don’t have actual access to the file itself, and therefore can’t store or redistribute them. I can delete or replace files off their devices at any time removing them from viewing.

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