Fuzel Does Photo Grid Layouts Just Right [Review]



Fuzel is another one-dollar photo collage maker for iOS. There are dozens of others, so what marks this one out?

Well actually it’s rather impressive. To start with, it has a lovely natural interface that begins with the faux-textured front cover of a photo album, with your most recent creation poking through a hole. Swipe this aside, and keep swiping through your creations, just as you would with a real album.

Fuzel is speedy and responsive, and very easy to get used to. There’s a choice of layout grids on offer, but if none of those appeal you can design your own – again, with a speedy and simple layout editor.

Every aspect of the grid design is under your control, from the direction and number of frames and borders, to their thickness and color.

Once you’ve got your layout fixed, it’s time to fill it with images. You can import them one at a time or in batches from your Camera Roll, or simply snap new ones from inside the app.

Then there are edit filters. Yes, no photo editor is without them these days, and Fuzel’s no exception. There are a couple of dozen different filters on offer, and they’re applied quickly. You also have access to 17 different frames to put around your new creation.

Here’s another nice way of using it: Import a single image, then add frames cutting through it. Each section can now be edited independently, with its own color effects, rotation, flip and so on. There’s fun to be had with this.

Here’s a promo vid:

Fuzel works because it strikes the right balance between offering not enough and offering too much. There’s enough included, in terms of features, filters, frames and so on that you can easily keep coming up with new creative ideas for a long time to come. But there’s not so much that it becomes confusing or overwhelming.

Fuzel examples

To put it another way, Fuzel is one of those apps that helps you be more creative. It has the sharing options you’d expect, but it doesn’t make demands on you to sign up to yet another social network. Good stuff.

[xrr rating=80%]