Cult Of Mac’s New Graphic Tee Is Inspired By One Of Apple’s Greatest Creations



Back by popular demand! Cult Of Mac has a new Apple-inspired tee for all you Apple fan boys and girls, and we think you’re really going to like this one.

The Apple Lisa computer was one of Steve Jobs’s finest creations, but her cosmic $10,000 price tag made her harder to sell than the Newton. We liked her vintage style though, so we partnered with Seattle indie brand Might Tees to make her good looks available again on our new In Love With Lisa graphic tee.

Our new tee is finely crafted and printed right here in the beautiful USA, and is available now for only $25. Get one for yourself or for your cousin in Kazahkstan — these fine garments ship worldwide!

  • Michael Von Verrenkamp

    Oh yes! Already ordered mine! :D

  • Hackt

    As much as I would love to have this shirt. The Lisa was actually not Steve’s creation, after getting fired from the Lisa team at Apple he took over the Macintosh project. The only thing he really did was name it after his daughter.

  • djgrahamj

    My girlfriend’s name is Lisa. Totally getting one of these :D

  • erfon elijah

    yet another example of the Jobs reality distortion field on reality

  • Stephen Hooker

    Thankfully some one with some historical insight. And absolutely correct. Dumped from the Lisa project Steve Jobs went pirate and put together the team that would deliver the first Mac back in 1984!!!

  • RB

    Wasn’t Lisa headed by Wozniak? And wasn’t it crap?

  • robsky

    It wasn’t crap. It was the device that made Apple the money Steve Jobs was spending to develop the Mac

  • SnakeArtworX


  • drexyl9944

    Since it’s a LISA t shirt shouldn’t they be priced around $500 each?

  • erfon elijah

    i like the way you think

  • Kevin Hunter

    Lisa was my first electrocrush. She made my heart palpitate. I would have given up my car for one. The prospect of bumming rides for each and every date made me turn away,  just barely.