Help Your Mac Remember Wireless Networks [OS X Tips]



I myself have had issues with OS X Lion not remembering my home wireless network. Or, more accurately, not choosing it when waking my MacBook Air from sleep. So when I came across this tip, I figured I’d share with the rest of you.

Repairing Disk Permissions is one of those general fix-all steps recommended to fix quirky behavior on the Mac for as long as I can remember. According to the post on OS X Daily, it’s helping some users help their Macs remember their WiFi networks.

Simply launch Disk Utility, found in the /Applications/Utilities folder, and select your hard drive in the device list to the left. Click the “Repair Disk Permissions” button there at the bottom of the window, and wait for your Mac to do its thing. If you see things getting fixed, go ahead and click it again until it doesn’t find any errors.

Upgrading to Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 is also a suggested fix, of course, as it is supposed to contain a bug fix for other WiFi stability issues. Another possible fix, posted in the comments section, involves downloading the Snow Leopard driver, which fixed things for one commenter but also broke AirDrop. Your mileage may vary, of course, but it’s good to keep in mind there are still a few options available. It didn’t fix my specific problem, but it might help you!

  • Metroview

    If only this was posted a week ago I could’ve checked the settings and doing a disk repair before confirming it as a problem. I wiped and reinstalled due to Lion not remembering my network when taking it out of sleep (sometimes it wouldn’t come out of sleep even) and couldn’t find anything online on how to fix it.

  • babdoc

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been having this issue since upgrading to lion. Will try and hopefully get this annoying problem fixed.

  • RobertSantellan

    I have been having the wake from sleep WiFi issue too. Might try this when I get home today. Thanks!!!

  • Menelaos Stamatelos

    Lately, Cult of Mac has been posting articles with catchy titles that try to lure you into making the jump into the main article. This one is a fine example.
    So, for an issue so complicated as Mac WiFi blues, where anything can be the culprit, you’re advising us 1) to repair permissions (this is something that even my 80 year-old grandma would figure out to do) and 2) an unofficial, unsupported solution of installing drivers from Snow Leopard.

    Common CoM, surely you must have other tricks to make money… give us a break please

  • GrimWit

    I had the problem of where my iMac would not remember my Wi-Fi after wake from sleep after I installed the 10.7.3 update.  The latest patch has resolved this issue and now it remembers and connects.

  • Rachel Wynkoop

    Wow! Your 80 year old Grandma must be really smart because mine can hardly listen to music on her iPod Touch.

  • GrimWit

    So I submit a post yesterday with a link to Apple’s Wi-fi latest fix that fixed the wake from sleep issue after the 10.7.3 update.  A message says it has to pass the moderator sniff test and never gets posted. WTF?  Check Apple support downloads for the fix.  I tried all of these other “fixes” and none fixed it until the update.