Instaprint’s Photobooth Brings Your Instagram Party To The Real World



The only problem with Instagram is that all the photos I’ve taken of the delicious lunches I’ve eaten are all stored in “the cloud”, which means I don’t have any physical evidence to support my wild stories of debauchery. Those faux-vintage snapshots I’ve taken with friends need to be preserved in an analog format, and with a little bit of funding, Instaprint is hoping to ease all my worries.

Instaprint is a small location-based photobooth that leverages the popular iPhone app Instagram to bring your random iPhone pictures to you in physical format. Users can take their photos like they normally would at a party, or the mall, or Captain D’s, but by adding a certain hashtag synced to an Instaprint machine, you can have a physical version of your Instagram uploads in minutes.

Rather than dealing with ink cartridges that constantly need replacement, Instaprint uses an inkless technology where all color is pulled right from the paper itself. Companies can even buy multiple Instaprint units and daisy chain them together to increase print volume. It’s a pretty cool concept for parties, and the creators are trying to bring to the market. Their Kickstarter page was recently launched and they’re hoping to raise $500,000 in the next 57 days.

Oh, and another cool thing. The guys behind the project setup a live UStream channel of two Instaprints in their office. You can upload your picture to Instagram, tag it with #instaprint, and watch as it’s printed out live in their office. I tried it earlier and it was pretty neat to see my photo coming out on the other end, but I have a growing suspicion that others will be tempted to abuse the setup.


  • erfon elijah


  • Fitz

    I ran across this a while back and love it,mbut $399 for a home kit? C’mon…

  • The King

    this was invented ages ago with polaroid 

  • Alex

    So its a Polaroid printer for $400… Yeah ok good luck with that .

  • GH

    Yeah, umm.. all the pics are saved to your camera roll anyways, and you can view all the pictures on intstagram.

    This product is just for dumb people that don’t know how to control click on a Mac.

  • Suzy Kendrick

    Innovative way to enjoy your Instagram pics in a social environment! I love this and know a tonne of people who would be all over this!