Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Says Apple Stock Could Hit $1000



Apple’s stock price has soared to astronomical heights over the last 18 months. Yesterday Apple stock closed at another record high and the company become more valuable than the GDP of Poland. But how high can Apple’s stock keep climbing? Well according to Apple’s co-Founder, Steve Wozniak, Apple stock will continue to soar for quite sometime.

Woz proclaimed that he firmly believes Apple’s stock price has the potential to hit $1,000 per share. Woz’s view is that Apple isn’t just one big company, but it’s actually become a bunch of big companies rolled into one because of its strong products like iTunes, OS X, iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc.

When asked about Apple’s stock price by CNBC’s Brian Sullivan, Woz said,

“You know, people talk about $1,000 stock price. At first you want to doubt it but I actually believe that, and I don’t really follow stock markets. Apple is on such a winning course because it’s encapsulated all of its different big products that I mentioned, they all work together so well that you are in a course that if you buy a product from another company it doesn’t really do as much as one from Apple does. So Apple has a large room for growth.”

Apple’s share price reached $542.44 at the end of trading on Wednesday and many analyst believe the stock will continue to climb thanks in large part to the iPad 3. Another major factor that could contribute to Apple’s soaring stock price is their potential of making a great television, which Woz thinks the company will eventually do.

“Apple has that much growth left because we’re talking something like Apple TV that works with all these other great, great companies and products all in the same sphere,” Wozniak explained.

Apple’s stock performance has been phenomenal over the last few years, and we think it still has a lot of room to grow, but what do you think? How high will Apple’s stock price climb? Let us hear it in the comments.


  • Skywaytraffic

    … 1 MILLION dollars! Mwuahahahahahaha

  • kootenayredneck

    I don’t think you’ll see Apple share hit a $1000.00 anytime soon. Apple would be over valued then which won’t be a good sign and the late investors will get a rude awakening when the share price falls.

  • Ashley Joseph

     1 HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!1 *pinky finger to lip*

  • aardman

    A one trillion valuation in 3-5 years isn’t out of the realm of possibility for me.  Remember, Apple his hitting 500 mil at a low P/E ratio and the world economy struggling to recover from the great recession.  When Cisco hit 500 mil it was during the tech bubble and its PE was, I believe, in the 90s.  MS also peaked during the tech bubble and with its markets fully saturated by MS.  Apple on the other hand is far from fully saturating its target markets.

  • Scott Duval


  • Steve Wozniak

    New markets are attainable by Apple if they fit in with the existing infrastructure. Apple would be more than just a new TV set manufacturer in this regard. Comments about what is or isn’t possible, as to company valuation, are valid but not from a reliable scientific formula. The same things were said about our growth potential when we started Apple. The concept of a bubble is always disturbing but we are not in the best of economic times at present, so it’s more likely that things will improve (hard to go down more). Apple’s customers have been so delighted with the product offerings that they are already in line for a few generations of product, at least. That’s very healthy. Apple is not in just one market, as Apple of the past was. Apple has huge businesses in retail stores, iTunes, iMacs, laptops, iPads, iPhones, iPods…not just computers as in the past. This is also very healthy and protective (diversified). It’s hard to come up with a scenario where Apple valuation will go down, but easy to see where it can grow for quite some time.

    I don’t have any inside information or advance product information. I never look at stock prices of any companies. It’s not my style or favorite thing to do. I hear things in the press but mainly I think logically for myself.

  • Mike Rathjen

    I don’t know that I would take stock advice from anyone that says “I don’t really follow stock markets.”

  • Bruce Miller

    Love the Woz, love Apple, love its products, love the stock, own a little and hope it goes to $2000. But before you bet the farm look at this chart showing where Apple makes its money and think about what happens if the cell phone companies stop paying the iPhone subsidy.

  • Alex

    It still might better then taking advice  form the  guy that says “trust me this a sure thing!”

  • bomre

    The Android operating system will continue to gain market share which in turn will drive the Apple stock down. Jobs was the visionary and now that he is gone…… What now brown cow?

  • zagatosz

    There are two areas were there are possible huge profits to be made that the execution is still lacking; Television which has been much discussed already and car system integration. The car area would be a huge market, bigger than TV and to be honest the one that if Apple pulled their usual user interface magic could be truly revolutionary.


    I previously thought this as well, but now Wozniak thinks so too?……….Time to sell.

  • Bruce Miller

    Love Apple, love its products, love the Woz, love the stock, but most of Apple’s growth has come from iPhone. What will happen if the carriers stop subsidizing iPhone?