Forget Android, It’s Apple Who Really Sets Agenda At Mobile World Congress [MWC 2012]



BARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 — During his keynote speech on Tuesday, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said, seemingly with all seriousness, that someday, “there will be Android in every pocket.”

For someone who has been prowling around Mobile World Congress for the past four days, it’s a statement that’s hard to react to without spraying crumbs. Schmidt couldn’t sound any more delusional if he were sealed up in a hermetic chamber with a scale-model of the Spruce Goose. The iPhone dominates Mobile World Congress. Google can’t even get an Android in every pocket at its own tradeshow.

Mobile World Congress is by and large an Android-dominated show. Most of the phones shown here run on Android, as do most of the tablets, apps and even some of the laptops. Likewise, most of the people here are in the business of Android. In other words, the clear majority of people at Mobile World Congress owe their paychecks to the Android ecosystem.

Yet look around you as you’re wandering around the tradefloor, and even though everyone here makes money off of Android, iPhones and iPads are everywhere. What Apple is going to do next is on everyone’s lips, and the iPad 3 invitation — sneakily arranged to go out while Schmidt was delivering his keynote — was the major topic of the third day of Mobile World Congress 2012. And it wasn’t just that people wanted to know what the iPad 3 meant for their next product, or their business? It was that people here just wanted one.

Eric Schmidt seems to think that Android’s on the ascendency, that it’s on its way to ruling the world. What a joke. Google can’t even set the mobile agenda or get people interested in Android at a tradeshow dominated by people who owe their livelihoods to it. Instead, the hottest topic at Mobile World Congress 2012 is iOS, not Android. Android may very well be in most people’s pockets here, but it’s Apple who is in their hearts.

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  1. Jdsonice says:

    Eric is a joke.

  2. ddevito says:

    300 million devices, 850,000 activations a day.

    Yeah, Android’s going nowhere


  3. twilightmoon says:

    We also have not seen the full force of the lawsuits from Apple and Oracle from the blatant shameless theft by Googke when they transitioned Android from ripping off RIM to ripping off the iPhone.

    Stay tuned.

  4. ddevito says:

    And they’re proving pointless thus far. All these lawsuits are doing are hurting consumers. You iSheep often forget how Apple ripped off Xerox, yes RIPPED off. Jobs was a pirate, and it was a great thing. Android is NOT a rip off of iOS. 

    Funny how Google doesn’t sue Apple for copying features it added into iOS 5.Yeah, Samsung rips off Apple for making a rectangular shaped tablet, sue them! Please, what a joke. These lawsuits are pointless, on both sides. Apple needs to continue what they do best, sell devices. And they’re doing a great job.

    Android pissed off Jobs because he knew if was going to succeed. He was too smart NOT to think that.

  5. Elder Norm says:

    300 million devices and …. almost as many models…  Each different and not upgradeable.  Android. buy once and throw away cause next year you will want a new one and cannot upgrade. 

    Just a thought. 

    PS, used bubble gum is everywhere… mostly under your seat…. Maybe it will rule the world someday. :-)

  6. Elder Norm says:

    ddevito, your mom is calling… its time for your meds. :-)

  7. twilightmoon says:

    Activations is a semi useful metric but nowhere near as important as 3 others:
    1. Customer loyalty. Are Android buyers happy with their purchase and likely to repeat?
    2. Usage. Are Android buyers using their devices as Smartphones?
    3. Profitability. What manufacturers are making money and which are likely on their way out of business?

    Android scores poorly in these key metrics and as a result is far far more vulnerable than many fans like to contemplate. If Apple really starts pressing their patent advantage and starts gutting Android along with Oracle we could see a very steep dive in Android, possibly even faster than RIM or Simbian.

  8. ddevito says:

    Android is going to bring technology past devices it currently runs on. It won’t just run smartphones and tablets, but PCs, appliances, cars, you name it. 

    “Even the most powerful notebook computer, with access to a worldwide information network, still focuses attention on a single box”
                                         -Mark Weiser

  9. ddevito says:

    your wife just called, she’s on her way to my house for her daily fix

  10. ddevito says:

    right – just like how iPad 2 owners are going to throw away their precious iPad 2 for the iPad 3 next week.

    Please, get real

  11. Al says:

    The competition is really heating up! Android is very good, and competes extremely well with iOS.

    Can’t wait to see how this will all turn out in five years or so.

  12. YarikGo says:

    i don’t get this android vs iOS fights guys wake up iOS already won…. the only real threat that can come as a surprise is WM7/8 this operating system is kinda nice and elegant any way i would tray WM instead of my iOS bat never an Android…. 

  13. ddevito says:

    what exactly did it “win”?

  14. ddevito says:

    I don’t disagree with point#1, certainly having multiple parties for one device can be a headache for the average consumer. 

    Not sure what you mean with #2 – um, yes they are buying a smartphone, and I’m pretty sure they know it’s a smartphone. Whether you like or hate Android, it is quite a powerhouse of functionality.

    #3 – hell yes it’s profitable, for the manufacturers and carriers selling it. ALL manufacturers are making money otherwise they wouldn’t make them. You have the right point but the wrong argument. The issue is how much GOOGLE is profiting off Android. Certainly mobile advertising (as it stands today) isn’t making as much money as they would like. 

    And stop with the patent rhetoric, no one is or will ever win a tech battle in a courtroom. Apple needs to out-innovate to succeed. 

  15. sir1jaguar says:

    I don’t want to get on this topic BUT when you said ios won, I was like STUPID moron…

    I was in Australia last week and I was shocked because I was an iPhone man and I was there 2 years ago and lots of people using iPhone back then, NOW it’s a different story…

    Lots of Samsung, htc, Motorola, lg and other high end android devices with the same price as the iPhone and sometimes are more expensive because it has LTE, HD screen, much better hardware and OS.

    Even the writer is delusional, because when he saw one to two people using it, he multiply it to 100 to justify there’s lots of user of iOS devices.

    I own iMac, macbook pro, apple tv, iPad 2, iPod touch 4 for my kids but ask me what phones we have now – android… I love my white GALAXY NOTE then my wife the skyrocket then 2 kids are using the galaxy s2. We love our GALAXY phones than iPhones we had.

    Go to YouTube and check how many hardcore user of iPhone 4s and even GALAXY NEXUS love the GALAXY NOTE and they throw their iPhone like a piece of shit.

    I’m into a piece of technology that is advance in hardware and software – can iPhone 4s give that to me – NO…


  16. Guest says:

    Horseshit. Take two minutes and learn some history, ddevito. APPLE DID NOT RIP OFF XEROX.

  17. Shane Bryson says:

     You can’t honestly be arguing that the Apple device line is just as fragmented as Android. Android’s hugest problem is that is too open. 75% of Android devices will forever be stuck on 2.2. Being an Android developer must be an absolute nightmare, having to program for almost 15 different screen ratios. Android is winning because of two simple things, market saturation, and free devices that run like crap. Those two things will also be it’s undoing.

  18. JAG_P3 says:

    ok guys, here is the thing. I got my iphone 4S stolen the last week, I live outside the US and get another iPhone in this country is a such pain because is too expensive to get it, even from an operator subsidized. SO in the mean time, I’ve been checking the android offer to get it through (the iPhones brought by the operator doesnt last too much in stock), there are many devices, 3,2 inch screens up to 5 inches. All of them with features, dual core proccessors, nvidia tegra 2, 3D and all that kind stuff that android phones have to show in the ads. but checking on internet about each cellphone which caught my interest, everything was a mess with each other, one worst than another, so you are always seeing people complaining about their phones, always freezing, batterylife below 5 hours of use, doesnt use 3G to get more battery, slows, and the solutions for it are worst, not every phone can be upgraded, not every manufacturer take care to release fresh software updates, bugs fixes and if your operator doesnt care either you will have to go to the “custom ROMS” to get it done. and again this is HORRIBLE for someone that just want to have a phone with the performance that should be with the specs that it states it has. not to mention the fact that the software is not really optimized to take full advantages of the hardware itself.

    SO I defintely I’m going to get anothet iphone, no matter costs, everything is so easy, everything works, and works flawless, just iTunes to update, bakup, restore, sync music, videos, apps and everything that you need in one place. not care about download a piece of software to backup rom, a piece a software to backup contacts, a piece of software to upgrade etc., etc etc, not pushing two or three buttons to “root” the cellphone, not testing from one room to another, “ok camera doesnt work, dont receive calls, NO GPS,but I have GB/ICS YEAHH #NOT”, c’mon. YOu loose a lot of time on internet looking for something that can give you a DECENT performance with your phone. this doesnt happen with the iPhone.

    why do you want to have a phone with 1,5 ghz CPU, nvidia tegra 2X 3X if its performance is the same than another with few less specs? because of the manufacture doesnt make a goo job over the google OS and everything is a mess.

    Not a fanboy here! Just a user that looks for the thing can work, and work flawless, and android can not do that.

    my thoughts….


  19. twilightmoon says:

    Wow. We are really going to do this Xerox thing again?

    Are you just plain ignorant of the well documented facts or are you just trolling?

    The patent cases are slow, but don’t assume they won’t be deadly. Apple has already scored some significant wins and they did not have the major patents granted when this started. Don’t assume you know any of the outcome based on what you have seen so far.

    You might as well discuss how beautiful a city Hiroshima was in 1942…

  20. ddevito says:


  21. twilightmoon says:

    Android is only a “success” to the extent that it ripped off the truly innovative iPhone. It has no purpose for existence beyond theft and stealing personal information from people to allow Google to sell to advertisers and who knows who else in the future?

    It’s future existence is far from assured. It certainly is of no lasting benefit to consumers. It provides nothing meaningful to the main stream that Apple, MS or RIM could not provide and more securely with better privacy.

  22. ddevito says:

    I have, and I do lots of reading and research. They ripped off xerox, plain and simple. Not to say they didn’t make it better, because they certainly did. Jobs even said it himself, why is this so hard to understand?

    Apple in the 80s was known for hardware design, not software. Case in point, Mac OS sucked until Jobs came back from NeXT when they adopted a REAL platform (UNIX).

    Does anyone remember using a Mac in the 90s. Ieeeewww. 

  23. ddevito says:

    Did I say it was fragmented?
    Um, no. But iOS devices are dispensable, that was my point.

    The iPad and iPad 2 are awesome, yet I’m sure over half the iSheep owners will have some illegitimate excuse to dump them and buy the iPad 3. 

  24. ddevito says:

    do you feel better after typing all that nonsense? 

  25. twilightmoon says:

    The point 2 was that there is far lower usage metrics recorded for Android measured by Internet and data usage, number of Applications downloaded and used. Basically eliminate calling and texting from Apple and Google products and compare what’s left. It’s not close.

    Profitability argument is best left to the master at Asymco. Horace Dediu has plenty of data tracked over time and well documented showing who is making money. It’s basically Apple way in the lead followed by Samsung a strong second and RIM a distant 3rd. The only major Android manufacturer making any real money is HTC who is in trouble. Motorolla would be filing for bankruptcy soon if not for the Google buy out.

    Go over there and learn something.

  26. ChKen says:

    Schmidt’s right, Google’s goal is to sell Android tracking chips to clothing retailers to build into their clothing, so they can monetize us everywhere, all the time. Yay, evil!

  27. twilightmoon says:

    Symbian had at least as commanding of a marketshare lead as Android does, or at least very similar. The thing about Android that no one wants to speak about too loudly. It’s peaking with serious threat of collapsing and that is before the real force of the patent wars, and before the non Samsung Android “partners” start going down for the count.

    Symbian died off fast. The same could happen with Android.

  28. twilightmoon says:

    Some will, most won’t. It does not matter, there is literally a market of well over half a billion and likely several times larger than that as a potential market for iOS, iPod iPhone and iPad. You haven’t even seen the real beginning of the iPad juggernaut.

  29. Shane Bryson says:

     Still rocking an iPad 1 and iPhone 4. Most people I know that are going for iPad 3, are iPad 1 owners. I have multiple friends who are still iPhone and iPhone 3G. I don’t think your comment is as true as you would like to think.

  30. sir1jaguar says:


    Here is 1 piece of advice…

    Buy a brand new unlock GALAXY NEXUS or GALAXY NOTE…

    I know there’s tons of piece of shit android phones, as Im a hater too of phones that doesn’t work (I’m a hard core APPLE ifan).

    I owned the original iPhone till iPhone 4s and I will tell you in almost ALL category, my AT&T white GALAXY NOTE beat that even the Verizon GALAXY NEXUS win over iPhone 4s.

    So don’t tell me or anybody here that android phones as a whole is not better than iPhones…

    Go to YouTube and check blackprince (owns the iPhone 4s, GALAXY NOTE & GALAXY NEXUS) and you will see how he throw the iPhone 4s…

    I’m here to educate people about smartphones as I have lots of them even to compare to all writers here in CULT OF MAC…

  31. twilightmoon says:

    I used Macs since 1986. Far superior to what Windows was at that time but nowhere near as advanced as it became with NeXT technology.

    The Xerox case is very clear. Apple paid for a tour of the research center with Pre IPO stock, and allowed Xerox to monitize its research investment while allowing Apple to bear the burden of development costs and risks.

    You can’t seriously claim Google has done anything similar.

  32. twilightmoon says:

    It was hard to read your post, I did get that you liked the Galaxy phone from Samsung. Beyond that I’m scratching my head.

    Enjoy your phone, sir. Don’t count on being able to ever upgrade it, and don’t cry if Android is not around 2 years from now.

  33. twilightmoon says:

    You don’t have to agree with him but no need to insult. The post may have been a little hard to follow but he did make a few decent points. He made no inflamatory remarks and insulted no one.

  34. twilightmoon says:

    I could see Android replacing ATMs. Android is not a secure OS, but neither is Windows.

    Oh and cash registers too, there’s another potential PC market.

    Or what part of the PC market did you mean?

  35. twilightmoon says:

    He might be referring to profit share.

    Possibly developer interest and revenue.

    Possibly “mind share” – Apple gets a lot of ink.

  36. Dmitry Libman says:

     Why are you even here if all you ever do is hate on apple on an apple blog?

  37. ddevito says:

    making remarks that Android “just doesn’t work”, etc is nonsense and unless you back up your claims it won’t be anything but.

  38. ddevito says:

    “if Android is not around 2 years from now”

    300 million active devices – yeah I don’t think it’s going anywhere but UP and EVERHWHERE. 

    Don’t be a troll.

  39. markrlangston says:

    “The iPad and iPad 2 are awesome”

    I’m gonna stop you right there. 

    Where I’ll continue is that you persist on calling people iSheep, which is a very tired and played out statement. Consider how many large businesses and government entities are turning to iOS as their primary mobile device. Are they all iSheep too?

    Obviously they have acclaimed, desirable products and a rock-solid, secure ecosystem. Is it perfect? No, nothing is but if it’s good enough for the ATF, FAA, NOAA, thousands of schools & hospitals, several airlines and businesses all across the world, then Apple’s products have expanded beyond their (pardon the pun) cult like following and broken the 4th wall. 

  40. ddevito says:

    Android is not a secure OS? Based on what exactly? Funny, I don’t see Android apps running away with user’s contacts, or photos, etc.

    Android has been chosen by the US military as their preferred platform BECAUSE os its security. 

    Back up your claims or STFU, stop trolling. 

  41. ddevito says:

    Your wife is calling, she wants her daily fix.

    Funny how my reply gets removed but the original harmful insulting comment doesn’t.

  42. ddevito says:

    To educate you. 

  43. ddevito says:

    you think Apple isn’t selling yours?

    HA HA wake up

  44. JMYERS says:

    You are all stupid — I think these devices are only as powerful as their user(s).  For instance, I built a custom PC for a friend (top of the line i7, 12GB RAM, SSD awesome awesome machine).  He has issues all the time with it — because he is an idiot with all things tech.  “Click here to win?  Okay? — How come this comp doesn’t work right…”  Similarly, any phone in my parent’s hands is a POS and can’t do anything right — but in my hands…

  45. ddevito says:

    you completely missed my point, and argued with a POSITIVE statement about an Apple product.

    Just goes to show you how arrogant and blind Apple fans are. Even when you take the same side on something they still attack.

  46. Handlebars says:

    Android is hot garbage. I’ve owned Treo, Iphone, Pre, Droid 2 and Droid X. It is the worst mobile OS I have ever used. You are doing the world a disservice by pretending its stable, efficient and easy to use. Its a POS. Most are manufacturers are sub par, mix that with a sub par OS and you get the Android experience. An experience no one is passionate about. There are countless glitches you will encounter as an android user and they vary from phone to phone. Not to mention updates are released by the manufacturer creating more delays and more problems. Android is TRASH. 

  47. Jubei Kiwagami says:

    Another one? Even I know thats now true at all.

  48. Jubei Kiwagami says:

    You mean entertain us with your clueless rants. LOL

  49. twilightmoon says:

    Nope. Unlike Google whose *entire business model* and *all profits* are due to whoring out your privacy to advertisers and who knows who else in the future, Apple makes their money from actually inventing and creating, producing and selling things. You know, like nearly every other industry on the planet and throughout human history.

    I’m awake, are you? Is your personal privacy worth nothing at all to you?

  50. twilightmoon says:

    Android was never chosen by anyone because of security. The military plans to attempt to create a layer of security on top of Android because they can freely hack it and because Apple would not give them a “back door” to allow them to hack iPhones and make them less secure.

    Android is by far the most hacked, fragmented, virus and Trojan horse laden poorly hobbled together mess of a modern operating system based on massive IP theft. It’s got a large share of sales because it was chosen as the default iPhone clone OS from a variety of manufacturers and pushed by carriers who were able to also hack it and put in back door spy software and other consumer harming “goodies”. That anyone would ever think Android is a consumer facing OS and not really a ploy by Google and Carriers to piggy back on the popularity of the iPhone to spy on you is really beyond my comprehension.

    I would not mind some competition for the iPhone from say MS or RIM or Nokia, but Android really needs to die.

  51. twilightmoon says:

    You never backed up your claims that Apple stole anything from Xerox. And stop using iSheep while you are at it. I have certainly said some harsh things but I have not once name called you for using a stolen product OS.

  52. twilightmoon says:

    “You are all stupid”

    You start a post like this, the best you can hope for is sounding like a tool.

  53. Rex Litwiller says:

    the problem with google, is that they already have a new firmware version out, before 5% of the android owners even get to upgrade to the last version. 

  54. Harvey says:

    Yes, we’ve all heard Google announcing “activation” numbers. And we’ve heard Samsung often tell us how many units they “shipped”.

    But numbers for units “shipped” or “activated” are not really significant.

    Is it a positive sign that many more units were shipped to retailers than were actually sold to, and used by, end users? No.

    Is it a positive sign that some products have higher activation numbers, due to a shorter usage lifespan, hardware failures, higher return rates, inability to upgrade the operating system, etc.? No.

    Numbers of products that are gathering dust on store shelves, or returns, or ones that are no longer in use, falsely inflate market share figures.

    People who buy iOS devices, hold onto them and use them much longer than people who use Android devices (which are more disposable).

    The numbers that are truly relevant are how many end users are currently using a product.

    Look at the Web stats from various reliable sources, which show that there are approximately 3 times as many iOS devices currently in use worldwide as there are Android devices.

    For example, today NetMarketShare reported that for February 2012, iOS has a market share of 60.59%, while Android has only 19.02%.

  55. snookasnoo says:

    Your post made no sense.  

  56. snookasnoo says:

    Name one decent point he made.

  57. snookasnoo says:

    Another post that made no sense.

  58. snookasnoo says:

    Android is not secure.  This is why major corporations won’t use it.  Not only because of poor design but because they don’t trust Google to not track their activities.
    The military version is a closed fork of Android.

  59. Harvey says:

    Quite the opposite.

    Apple’s iPads are kept and used much longer than Android tablets. 

    Due to the quality of the hardware and the user experience, the failure rate and return rate for iPads is close to non-existent… while Android tablets are not in the same league.

    Users of iPads use their devices much longer, and when they decide to buy a newer model, they get a much higher resale price for their device than any Android tablet would get. And then the person who buys the older iPad actually uses it, extending its life further.

  60. snookasnoo says:

    You really don’t know what you are talking about.  Does HTC use data detector anymore?  No.  Why?  Google is next.
    You are also wrong about Xerox.  Apple paid Xerox money to license their concept.  Notice it was a concept which Apple turned into a reality.  This is actually quite well known.  Get with it.
    Android is obviously a direct copy of iOS.  Look at Android before iOS.  It looked like the Windows Mobile and also Blackberry interface.  Until the iPhone was shown and they changed it to look like iOS.
    Facts are not on your side.

  61. snookasnoo says:

    Hehhe.  I’m guessing you are all of 15.

  62. sir1jaguar says:

    Why it’s hard to read the post, are you 1st grader?

    I will bet all my money and even my life that in 2 years from now ANDROID is much bigger BECAUSE cars, home automation, appliances and many more will have ANDROID OS in it…

    I’m an APPLE fanboy too but saying ANDROID will die in about 2 years when they are so much popular in the world is the MOST STUPID comment I ever read in CULT OF MAC…

  63. sir1jaguar says:

    So, your pea size brain rebuttal has sense???

  64. snookasnoo says:

    Its is known that Apple does not sell user data.  Again, facts are not on your side.  Every post reveals you as a petulant and ignorant teenager.I.
    Fact:Apple obtained permission ahead of the Xerox PARC visit. In addition, Apple provided compensation in exchange for the various Xerox PARC ideas such as the GUI.The Motley Fool, financial publication of investment news and provider of investment advisory services, on the real story of Apple and PARC:“Xerox could have owned the PC revolution, but instead it sat on the technology for years. Then, in exchange for the opportunity to invest in a hot new pre-IPO start-up called “Apple,” the Xerox PARC commandos were forced — under protest — to give Apple’s engineers a tour and a demonstration of their work. The result was the Apple Macintosh, which Microsoft later copied to create Windows.” [1]Xerox Received Financial Compensation from AppleThe compensation for the Xerox PARC technology sharing deal with Apple was in form of $1 million dollars pre-IPO Apple stock / investment (if Apple does well, Xerox will benefit from Apple’s success).The PARC demo took place in 1979. Xerox received its compensation in exchange for showing some prototypes that Xerox didn’t know what to do with.“November: Steve Jobs and software engineer Bill Atkinson visit the Xerox PARC lab in Palo Alto, California. More Apple employees will visit a month later.” [2]“Jobs and several Apple employees including Jef Raskin visited Xerox PARC in December 1979 to see the Xerox Alto. Xerox granted Apple engineers three days of access to the PARC facilities in return for the option to buy 100,000 shares of Apple at the pre-IPO price of $10 a share.” [3]

  65. sir1jaguar says:

    Then you are fucking idiot and no sense human being… I think you are just a poor troll that cannot buy what I have now in my house, loser!

  66. snookasnoo says:

    Google lies about the activations.  They count upgrades and non Google Android phones as activations.
    Google is making far less money from Android than they projected.  HTC and Motorola are losing money.
    Android developer revenue is a pittance.
    iOS device and developer revenue are many orders of magnitude higher.
    Android success is solely due to it being cheap.

  67. twilightmoon says:

    I’ve used Macs since 1986, likely before you were born. I can write in complete sentences without my CAPS LOCK KEY GETTING STUCK… oops fixed. Here let me help you with yours.

    Also, when you can form coherent arguments without being forced to result to 3rd grade recess insults, then you can sit at the big boy table.

  68. sir1jaguar says:

    Rabid APPLE ifanboy = poor & sad animal…

    APPLE LOYALIST but embracing technology and products of other companies = well off and happy human being…

    Where you belong???

  69. twilightmoon says:

    The post I was referring to was the one by JAG_P3.

    He made points about battery life, lack of supported upgrade path, and the various problems with custom ROMs. These are all well known Android problems and not really debatable.

  70. sir1jaguar says:

    It needs some caps lock for YOU…

    Also, if you will be in my house and see how much APPLE products I have then you will stop.

    I can say, even I don’t know you – I’m a nurse anesthetist and making 3 times more than you make in a year, so who’s belong to the big boy table…

    I’m sick and tired of this poor imoron to defend APPLE even it’s very clear ANDROID is much better OS for smartphones.

    Did you tried to compare the Verizon iPhone 4s and the verizon GALAXY NEXUS, it’s like comparing a toy (iPhone) to an advance mini computer.
    Then my iPhone 4s vs white GALAXY NOTE on AT&T you will say WOW to what the NOTE screen, speed and sexiness can give you….

    Only advantage of APPLE now is applications…

  71. twilightmoon says:

    Mike Tyson made more money than you will ever make in your entire life. Income is not a 1:1 correlation with intelligence, nor the ability to communicate effectively and coherently.

    That said, keep farting into the wind as if someone cares. I will keep buying Apple stock and watch as spy-thief Google’s fortunes rapidly wane and die off, along with Android.

  72. sir1jaguar says:

    Your rebuttal is no sense at all…

    Why include Mike Tyson if only me and you here, for GOD sake is that how stupid you are???

    So you like ANDROID will die and APPLE the only one will prosper?
    In that sense, even a kindergarten kid will beat your non sense thinking.

    I have stocks also in APPLE but never I closed my mind to any company that can give me more innovation,not just suing the competition mantra…

    Please, reply with common sense…

  73. Harvey says:

    ddevito mentions Android “activations”.

    Yes, we’ve all heard Google announcing “activation” numbers. And we’ve heard Samsung often tell us how many units they “shipped”.

    But numbers for units “shipped” or “activated” are not really significant.

    Is it a positive sign that many more units were shipped to retailers than were actually sold to, and used by, end users? No.

    Is it a positive sign that some products have higher activation numbers, due to a shorter usage lifespan, hardware failures, higher return rates, inability to upgrade the operating system, etc.? No.

    Numbers of products that are gathering dust on store shelves, or returns, or ones that are no longer in use, falsely inflate market share figures.

    People who buy iOS devices, hold onto them and use them much longer than people who use Android devices (which are more disposable).

    The numbers that are truly relevant are how many end users are currently using a product.

    Look at the Web stats from various reliable sources, which show that there are approximately 3 times as many iOS devices currently in use worldwide as there are Android devices.

    For example, today NetMarketShare reported that for February 2012, iOS has a market share of 60.59%, while Android has only 19.02%.

  74. Dan Bridgland says:

    Android is undoubetdly a successful OS, equally as it is also a shameless clone of Apple’s iOS, that is unmistakable!   The reason iOS wins every time is because of the marriage of hardware to the OS, at this level of computing (mobile handsets), a harmonios bridge is essential – Android and its vendors have no notion of this!   

    When was the last time you heard anyone say ‘Wow’ when talking about a phone which runs Android?  – I’m sure any Android fan boy will claim someone they know has said ‘Wow’, but this just isn’t the case in the real world, Step inside any phone shop.  people gather around the iPhones.   The downfall of Android is its hardware providers, manufactures which offer Android phones are lazy, for the most part they are after a Nokia’s lunch, that is the bottom end of the mobile phone market, the market which pitches itself to your gran, after all she needs a phone, but why would she pay for a quality one, this is where the Android phones fit in. 

    in response to the Apple obsolesce comment, most once loved Apple devices end up on the second hand market and still command a premium way above the retail price of a new Android device – they don’t sit in drawers gathering dust.   I for one am happy to say that I passed my previous devices on to my parents.

    Put simply. Apple has won this war.  I have yet to meet an Android owner who has paid for their device.  Millions of people are very happy to buy Apple.

  75. BrainGameMayhem says:

    Don’t YOU guys UNDERSTAND? My POSTS are easy to read because I CAPITALIZE at least two words per sentence. Because LOUD opinions are THE best opinions.

  76. BrainGameMayhem says:

    Yeah, I hate ‘no sense human beings’ too.

  77. JMYERS says:

    I don’t think you are using ‘tool’ properly in this sentence.  Further supporting my original comment — stupid

  78. twilightmoon says:

    No, actually I believe I used it exactly how I intended and I’m pretty certain that my message landed. But thank you for proving my point, sir.

    Have a great day.

  79. twilightmoon says:

    If Android is really so successful why is there not a single Android handset that can outsell the 3 year old iPhone 3Gs?

    Androids are mostly used as glorified feature phones that they are replacing. Only a small subset of all those “activations” are used as real smartphones, ie App phones. That’s why very few developers make any money from Android apps.

  80. pdxguy2 says:

    I would sure like to see some opposing viewpoints. But they all seem to have been flagged.

  81. ClickMe says:

    Calling anyone a douche is tasteless. Back up your argument like a classy Apple fan should.

  82. aardman says:

    Schmidt is the new Ballmer.

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