Sparrow: The Minimal Email App for Mac [Deals]



It’s hard enough to get to that elusive “Inbox Zero” when your email program just won’t help you out. It either has too much or tries to keep you dwelling in email purgatory when you could — and should — be spending your time on better things. Things that don’t qualify as busy-work, but as actual work.

Well…this Cult of Mac Deals offer is going to be your saving grace. That’s because we’re offering an awesome minimalist email application for the Mac, Sparrow, for only $6 for a limited time!

Sparrow is an email application that designed to keep things simple and efficient. But it also has seriously awesome social features packed right into the app, including Facebook integration to quickly identify emails sent from your Facebook friends and Dropbox syncing — meaning that with Sparrow attaching files to your outgoing mail is a snap.

And if you’re concerned that Sparrow might not work for you, check out the IMP support it has for these providers:

  • Gmail (Classic and Google Apps)
  • MobileMe
  • Yahoo!
  • AOL
  • Any custom IMAP server

But that’s not all Sparrow brings to the table; it’s got a lot of power behind that minimal exterior. Here’s just a sample of what else it can do:

  • Conversations: Quickly flick through threaded conversations on your Mac like never before.
  • Quick Reply: Click, write, and send in the same window.
  • Unified Inbox: Get all your email in one place.
  • Labels and Folders: Create and edit labels and folders right from Sparrow.
  • Inline Attachments: Drag & drop images and documents straight into your email.
  • Alias: Sending mails from different addresses has never been this easy.
  • Minimal Mode: Hide message previews and the sidebar. See more mail at a glance.
  • Extended Sidebar: View all your folders, labels, and mail accounts in the main view.

If you’ve been searching for a better way to send and receive your email, Sparrow is the perfect fit. It looks small in stature, but it really packs a wallop!

Grab Sparrow from our Cult of Mac Deals page now for only $6 while the savings last — which won’t be for long!

  • urandom

    Last Sparrow update was 7 december 2011. Abandoned?

  • Alexis Tremblay

    Awesome program. Note that it doesn’t work with Hotmail (yet). 
    They’re a bit slow on support, I have an issue with avatars not showing in my inbox and no response since I posted it on feb 3rd.
    Besides that, I’ve ditched, really happy with this one.

  • Alexis Tremblay

    Awesome program. Note that it doesn’t work with Hotmail (yet). 
    They’re a bit slow on support, I have an issue with avatars not showing in my inbox and no response since I posted it on feb 3rd.
    Besides that, I’ve ditched, really happy with this one.

  • Rowanova

    Can Sparrow be used with Hotmail email accounts?

    Edit: Oops, didn’t see the comment by Alexis. Question answered. Thanks. :)

  • Jonathan Ober

    What is the difference between the free and paid version? If it’s the little ad in the top then I will save my $6 because I am a cheap skate. :)

  • The_Truth_Sometimes_Hurts

    After this article being e-mailed to me as a “subscriber,” I’m ditching as an informative resource.


    Well, it’s very simple:  the author of this article can’t write in English.

    Yep, I’m one of those evil “native English speakers,” and I’m pretty damned tired of being presented with gibberish as a product of a journalistic outlet.

    Take, for example, this gem:

    “IMP support”

    Imp support is great, I guess, if a user deals with imps on a regular basis.  Here’s a tip for all you “bandwagon blog writers:”  use the spell-checking and other features of your preferred editor to ensure you’re submitting readable content.

    Another point:  self-promotion within content is pretty trashy.  You’re publishing via a channel you own, why stoop to this level?  This practice identifies you as just one step above the average e-mail spammer.

    Another point:  you’re e-mailing established users with “beginner-level” information.  Given the popularly accepted definition of “Spam,” you are spamming people who have paid you real money for the product you produce.  Why the hell would you think you have the right to spam paying customers?  Oh, that’s right.  I almost forgot why most e-mail spammers spam targets in the first place:  because they have target e-mail addresses.

    I could continue dissecting this seemingly innocuous “blog post,” but my time is better spent on people who value those they are associated with.

  • Erik Richter

    Paid version also lets you turn off the automatic “Sent with Sparrow” sig line… 

  • ebartz

    The developer is currently finishing the iOS version.

  • Jeremy G

    Great software but does it work with Exchange?
    And would purchasing it here allow me to update via the Mac App store?

  • simosim

    Aye it looks fine but really I like the Smart Mailbox feature in Mail. I don’t think Mail is very good, although I suspect part of that is that I don’t know about how to do simple thing like stop this :
    STop the second capitalisation..Anyway, we’ll see, but that Mac / Apple smart search thing needs to be made obvious to under average beings like me. Ya know what I mean!

  • Robert Pruitt

    Mountain Lion update is yet one more reason not to care about this product.  Why switch over just to switch again in a few months?  Are they ever going to update this product to do anything novel?  I mean, the Lion mail client is pretty minimalistic now. 

  • mgbmdmph

    Since switching to gmail and Mailplane (and gMail), my on line communications have been markedly simplified. Sparrow is perfectly lovely, but does not effectively emulate gMail.

  • Timothy Williamson

    I’ve been using the free version of Sparrow, and the Gmail label integration and ability to use Gmail keyboard shortcuts is awesome and crucial for me. Makes it really easy to transition from Gmail web at work to Sparrow at home.

    Really really really looking forward to Sparrow for iOS!!!!!