Look Like Darth Vader And Charge Your iPhone At The Same Time With The AIRE Mask



Some people will use any excuse to go green, just like some nerds will use any excuse to wear a Darth Vader mask. So umm, why not just satisfy both parties at the same time and make a breath-powered iPhone charger that looks like it should be worn by Lord Vader or Bane? The AIRE mask is a silly looking contraption designed by Joao Paulo Lammoglia to recharge iPhones using the power of your lungs. Utilizing tiny wind turbines the AIRE mask converts your deep sighs and frenetic breaths into usable electricity to power your iDevice.

All you need to do is ensure the AIRE mask remains connected to your iPhone, breathe as usual, and you are good to go. Free energy, thanks to your lungs and the body’s necessity of oxygen! Thankfully, the AIRE mask is just a concept and will likely never be produced en-masse, because seeing hot jogging ladies running around with a weird mask on their face would be the most ridiculous thing to hit my local gym since the advent of Sketcher Shape-Ups.

[via Ubergizmo]


  • Murray Bennett

    I have sleep apnea and sleep with a mask like this every night! Why not get free charging!!!

  • Radtech51

    Might come in useful if your power goes out to, hum….

  • Buster

    then you could use your iPhone’s LED as a flashlight and recharge it at the same time!

  • WVMikeP

    Darth Vader?  Naw.  More like the medical droids. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki

  • David Sangwell

    I especially like that they’ve not even built a mock up for the photos, instead photoshopped the item onto some stock images. However they have somehow gots a iPhone5!!!1!!one!

  • FriarNurgle

    Saw this on reddit last night. Though it was a joke. 

  • Joshua Entwistle

    Today isn’t April 1st is it?

  • joewaylo

    I think I’d want to buy a Star Wars memorabilia Darth Vader mask, rip out the internals if there is any, and fit this inside. Darth Vader would be a proud green charger afterwards.
    My only concern about this though (ok an annoyance) is you’ll be breathing and iPhone chirping all night. Not many breathe in and out constantly. Some stop breathing for a few seconds then breathe again while asleep. Then it’ll be breathe (bleep) … breathe (bleep) … breathe (bleep).

  • Arron Hunt

    I don’t know whats finnier, the fact that this is horrible photoshopped onto stock images or the fact that those are android phones. Good joke :P 

  • Mike Scotch

    So I can charge my phone with my nasty morning breath- awesome

  • Mike Scotch

    I think it is actually real- it won some awards according to their website.

  • SolarSaves

    The complete website is just about some dude’s designs. There are no products, just stuff designed on a computer, by some graduate student.

    So “don’t hold your breath” waiting for an actual product.

  • Len Williams

    My immediate thought was that this product really blows, but it also sucks.

  • Rachel Wynkoop

    I hope this gets made, it would be the best iPhone accessory EVER!