Apple Considering A 14-inch MacBook Air Just For Asian Markets?


Sources claim you'll be able to pick up a MacBook Air for just $799 by Christmas.
Sources claim you'll be able to pick up a MacBook Air for just $799 by Christmas.

There have been some crazy rumors flying around lately regarding the iPad 3, but now we have a new one that is all about the MacBook Air. According Digitimes (which has a fairly poor track record with Apple rumors), Apple is considering launching a 14-inch MacBook Air specifically for Asian markets, that may enter production fairly soon. Apparently, 14-inch screens are more popular in Asia than they are in other parts of the globe, which is how the publication is justifying the rumor.

Currently, 14-inch panels are the mainstream specification of the Asia notebook market, while consumers in Western countries prefer 15-inch models. In the global market, 14-inch models have an about 20-25% market share, but in Asia, the market share is about 35-40%, an indication of Asia consumers’ fondness for 14-inch models, the sources noted.

The sound of a 14-inch MacBook Air sounds a bit silly at first, but when you consider that Apple shocked us with an 11-inch MacBook Air a few years ago, I suppose anything is possible. But does Apple really need to make a MacBook Air that is inbetween the 13-inch and 15-inch models just to capture a larger share of the Asian market? My first reaction is that price would be a more important factor than screen size, which would mean the 11-inch MacBook Air would be one of the most successful Apple notebook in Asia. What do you think? Would Apple adjust their manufacturing processes to make a 14-inch MacBook Air on top of 11- and 13-inch units?

  • mashafiq

    Being an Aisan I believe Apple should give price more importance because it’s been a long time we are fighting with Viruses and want a new, reliable machine and that too at an affordable price :) – only hinderance would be the price, all else is awesome in any Apple machine :)

  • Iphoneication

    I’ve heard a few rooters of a 15 inch air comming to market. I personally would buy one but I think it would be very cost prohibitive until flas prices fall. A 13 inch air with 4gigs ram and 256 ssd cost about 1350is so add 200 for a 15 inch model with 4gigs and maybe 128 ssd. Add another200 for 256 leaving he cost around 1700 or so ….

  • Len Williams

    This makes no sense and is not something Apple would do. Apple keeps its product lines simple, lean and clean. It would take a complete retooling of its product manufacturing lines to create a 14″ MacBook Air, and then to only sell it in Asia would be very poor management. When Apple comes out with larger “Air” versions of the MacBook, it will most likely be at the current 15″ and 17″ sizes, the same as the current MacBook Pro models, and they will sell them worldwide. It’s far less expensive for Apple to create a few standard sizes and sell them in all markets. This allows them to keep manufacturing prices as low as possible, and thus retail prices. 

    I’d switch to a 17″ Air from my current 17″ MacBook Pro (2010) in a heartbeat. I don’t like working on anything less than a 17″ screen, so until Apple moves its Air line all the way up to the 17″ model, I’ll use what I have.

  • Steve Spiegel

    I think producing a 14″ Air, with 13 and 11 inch models already available is silly.
    Apple is not a silly company and if I could bet on them not coming out with a 14″ size
    I would.
    A new 15″ size on the other hand, with a 512 SSHD, would have me trading up from my 13″, the minute it was available.

  • Bob_Zimmerman


  • Radtech51

    I have to agree with Len on this one, it just doesn’t seem like Apple’s style to do something like that. Although Apple has the means to do it I just don’t think they will.

  • techgeek01

    15 inch display in a 14  inch body. Isn’t that the hot thing right now?