Social Music Player Tomahawk Finds Songs Everywhere, Including The Net [Review]



Here’s Tomahawk, a music player with a difference: it plays music from anywhere and almost everywhere. Not necessarily music from your collection, either.

When you first open it up, it does index your iTunes library, so all the songs from there are available to play (and put into playlists) inside Tomahawk.

But beyond your collection, Tomahawk uses plug-ins called “Resolvers” to let it access music from the net too. There’s a resolver for Spotify, but you need to be using a Spotify Premium account to make it work.

There are also resolvers for YouTube,, for Soundcloud, and for half a dozen other music services I’ve never even heard of.

Setting up the resolvers and getting them configured isn’t immediately obvious. You need to open the preferences, and click “Get more resolvers”. Once installed, some might need editing by clicking the wrench icon to the right of their name.

But the overall goal of Tomahawk is to make playing music easier than ever. You don’t need to know where the music files are, nor should you even care. All you want to do is listen to something – and Tomahawk will help you find it.

You’ll see in the screenshot above that I’d searched for some stuff by Peter Gabriel. Tomahawk found all the songs from a particular album, and sorted them in the correct order. But they came from several different sources. Tomahawk brought them all together for me. That’s a pretty powerful feature.

Tomahawk is still in early development (version 0.3.3 at the time of writing), but is being updated frequently. It’s free, open source, and cross-platform, and packed with features. I haven’t even mentioned all the social media stuff that’s packed in there too.

If you’re a keen music listener, I recommend you try it out.

[xrr rating=80%]

  • NeoTech09

    Be aware that this app will not find your music on an external drive. =(

  • maccid

    I installed Tomahawk on my Mid 2011 iMac based on your previous post about it. It works fine finding music from all over the web but did a bad job of scanning my iTunes collection. I only have about 1,200 songs and it would just stay stuck at about 950. Their forums aren’t much help yet since it’s still so new. I uninstalled but plan to reinstall once they smooth things out.

  • mueslix

    We’re working on this and the latest nightly should handle external disks already. The upcoming 0.4 release (around this weekend) will contain this fix.

  • mueslix

    Do you mean stuck during scanning or stuck at finding only 950 out of your 1200 tracks? If it’s the latter, the explanation might be simple:

    Tomahawk is pretty picky about your tags, e.g. it will ignore files that are entirely untagged. As you can imagine good metadata is a must when it comes to resolving and finding the right content within Tomahawk. We’ll try to come up with a clever solutions to that specific problem, but for now we figured it’s more important to limit the amount of false positives during resolving.