Apple Times iPad 3 Invite To Show How Little Anyone Cares About Android




Oh those clever bastards at Apple are up to it again. Sitting back in their glass spaceship palace in Cupertino acting so coy as they unleashed their trickery on the world in the form of a simple invite . Right as Google’s Eric Schmidt was taking the stage at Mobile World Conference to talk about how awesome his company’s Android platform is, Apple completely distracted the entire internet by sending out invitations to their iPad 3 event.

Mere coincidence you say? Bullshit. Apple usually sends out invites exactly 7 days before the date of a keynote, but today they broke tradition and sent the invites out 8 days before the event just to screw with Google.

For a while now March 7th has been the rumored date of the Apple iPad 3 event. It will take place on a Wednesday, which means the invitations should have gone out tomorrow. A couple of tech bloggers speculated Apple would send the invitations out on February 29th (in accordance with tradition) as a way to distract from Microsoft’s unveiling of Windows 8 at MWC. At the time, it made sense. Apple loves generating press, especially when it steals the spotlight away from competitors. But what we failed to realize is that Apple no longer considers Microsoft to be their main rival. The future of tech is mobile. The iPad and the iPhone have marched humanity into a PC-free world, and their main competitor in becoming king of that world is Google, not Microsoft.

How ridiculous is that Apple can steal the spotlight from their biggest rival by sending out a mere email while said competitor is putting on one of their biggest shows of the year.

Android, you got served.


[image via Robert De Vido]

  • eikonklast

    Bwahahah. Classic diss.

  • MacintudeConnor

    Not saying the whole Google interruption thing is wrong, but it’s not Apple tradition to send invites out one week ago. Do your research; iPad event invites went out 9 days before the event.

  • Adrian Caiado Caiado

    Also, if you don’t count the 29th Feb (because of a leap year) it is still 7 days :)

  • FriarNurgle


  • Al


  • IDS07

    Yea! Another device that is already outdated!!! Keep up the great work! #Android4Life

  • Asszem

    this post is sooooo childish

  • Alireza Scornix

    Hahahaha ! … Funny Joke Man ! … Funny joke … lol

  • Buster

    good call :)

  • Gregintosh

    Treated, Roasted, and Served!

  • Tomas L.

    Yeah, I hear Android tablets are flying off the shelves everywhere…good luck with that..

  • steffenjobbs

    It’s probably just mere coincidence it happened this way, but I guess a person can take a look at it any way they want.  Whether the invite was sent out today or tomorrow, Apple is still going to sell a mess of iPads in 2012.  I’m guessing that Android tablets won’t make much headway this year unless they’re all selling for $199.  If Apple really does offer a quad-core iPad, I can’t imagine there will be much demand for Android dual-core tablets unless again, they’re selling for $199.  Still it shouldn’t matter much to Apple, no matter how many Android tablets are sold, as long as they can sell every iPad they can build.  Good luck, Apple.  I just hope that all the tech critics won’t be disappointed as they usually are with Apple product announcements.  The tech-critics seem to nitpick over everything, yet consumers are usually satisfied with their Apple purchases.

  • djrobsd

    OMG this site is really turning into a joke.  

  • djrobsd

    What good will the Quad Core do you with all the restrictions Apple places on their app stores and their apps?  So great, mail loads in .5 seconds instead of in 2.    A quad core would go much better in an Android where it would actually be put to good use with all the cool things running in the background.  

  • ChKen

    Given how many events there are in any company’s schedule, it’s inevitable that things conflict, which conspiracy theorists like to think are something more than coincidental.

  • Fring

    Yeah, all those cool things running in the background…antivirus software, app killer…that sort of thing? Um yeah…really cool.

  • JLB

    Dang, the trolls just can’t leave Apple alone!!!
    Face it, in a week you’ll know the direction of every fake iPad after Apple gives Google something new to copy.

  • more4more

    It’s all about real world performance. It’s really funny to see hundreds and hundreds reviews saying “less lags” in newer android OS – on iPad, everything just works

  • Joe Levi

    Hmmm… guess I missed the memo… I was so busy with MWC that I didn’t even see the email… oh wait, I didn’t even get the email… Who’s laughing now, Apple? 


  • mjtomlin

    So I’m willing to guess that you don’t know all that much about computers? Having multiple cores won’t make mail load any faster, there’s still only one connection to the network. Apple’s restrictions on 3rd party apps are to disallow them from hogging up resources while they’re in the background, not sure how you would think that was a horrible thing? Furthermore, there are many background processes running in iOS that could make use of extra CPU cores.

  • Aticusssss


  • CharliK


    Frankly I doubt that Apple even knew that Google was doing anything yesterday. They aren’t at MWC so why would they be paying attention. 

    I think they sent it then to send it, and it was just a bit of dumb luck that it fell during something being held by a competitor. 

  • CharliK

    to business and such having super snappy mail and such does matter. Also, the app developers can adjust and create for the tech and who knows what will come up. Certainly something better than a ‘cool thing’ in the background

  • AndroidManiac

    Yes because Android isn’t on any quad core tablets.

  • AndroidManiac

    This article’s sole purpose is to troll so your surprised at the reaction?
    Extreme fanboys from either side are complete ass clowns.