Apple Times iPad 3 Invite To Show How Little Anyone Cares About Android




Oh those clever bastards at Apple are up to it again. Sitting back in their glass spaceship palace in Cupertino acting so coy as they unleashed their trickery on the world in the form of a simple invite . Right as Google’s Eric Schmidt was taking the stage at Mobile World Conference to talk about how awesome his company’s Android platform is, Apple completely distracted the entire internet by sending out invitations to their iPad 3 event.

Mere coincidence you say? Bullshit. Apple usually sends out invites exactly 7 days before the date of a keynote, but today they broke tradition and sent the invites out 8 days before the event just to screw with Google.

For a while now March 7th has been the rumored date of the Apple iPad 3 event. It will take place on a Wednesday, which means the invitations should have gone out tomorrow. A couple of tech bloggers speculated Apple would send the invitations out on February 29th (in accordance with tradition) as a way to distract from Microsoft’s unveiling of Windows 8 at MWC. At the time, it made sense. Apple loves generating press, especially when it steals the spotlight away from competitors. But what we failed to realize is that Apple no longer considers Microsoft to be their main rival. The future of tech is mobile. The iPad and the iPhone have marched humanity into a PC-free world, and their main competitor in becoming king of that world is Google, not Microsoft.

How ridiculous is that Apple can steal the spotlight from their biggest rival by sending out a mere email while said competitor is putting on one of their biggest shows of the year.

Android, you got served.


[image via Robert De Vido]