New Photo App Pxl Turns Your Ordinary Photos Into Abstract Art Masterpieces



There is certainly no shortage of Photography apps in the iOS store that promise to do magical things to your snapshots. Users can turn their photos into vintage looking pictures via Instagram, transform faces into comic book art with Halftone, or do weird things with Percolator, but this latest app is a bit different from all the rest. Pxl is a new app available for iPhone and iPad that transforms pictures into cool pieces of abstract art.

Users of Pxl can import photos from their iOS Photo Library and apply the tweaks and touches that turn photos into crazy works of contemporary art. The app comes with a couple different modes. You can “artfully distort” your photos using cubes, triangles, rectangles, circles, and other odd polygons. Most styles can be adjusted to change the thickness of the objects replicating the photo. Resolution can also be changed by pinching the image. If you get tired of trying to figure out a weird way to edit your image there’s a feature that always users to simply shake their device to produce a random abstract image.

Once an image as been distorted to the artist’s content, it can be saved to the photo library or shared via Twitter, Facebook, or email. Unfortunately, due to technical conditions, the resolution of the images is only supported up to 640×960 on the iPhone and 768×1024 on the iPad, so you’re probably not going to be able to print large copies of your abstractions and display them in an art gallery, but the app is pretty neat. Pxl is currently on sale for $0.99



[via iBlog iOS]