Apple Developing New HD Audio File Format That Adapts To Bandwidth [Rumor]



Do you want to rock? Well get ready to enjoy your favorite Justin Bieber tunes in crisp, clear, audio HD, because according to a new rumor, Apple is hard at work developing a new audio file format that will offer adaptive streaming to provide high- or low quality files to iCloud users based on their current bandwidth capacities. Apple’s new format could mean users will have the ability to download high-definition audio to their iOS device via iTunes Match.

According to The Guardian’s source, Apple has asked a London studio to prepare audio files for a new streaming format that will adapt to bandwidth or hardware capabilities. Many services like Spotify already offer users the ability to change the quality of audio their device streams, but those changes must be made manually inside of the app. Apple’s newest audio format would be different in that users would never have to choose their audio quality because their iPhone or iPod would automatically stream the highest quality track possible.

“All of a sudden, all your audio from iTunes is in HD rather than AAC. Users wouldn’t have to touch a thing – their library will improve in an instant,” said the source, who requested to remain anonymous. Potentially, it will allow an iPhone user to access smaller file types to avoid using significant mobile internet bandwidth, but allow those with a fast connection to download or stream studio quality music.

The ability to optimize audio streaming would be welcomed by iPhone users who are facing high data charges and throttling by carriers trying to preserve their cellular networks. While the source of the rumor suggests Apple may use the new audio file format to launch a streaming service to go along with iTunes Match, we’re pretty skeptical that Apple wants to offer à la carte service that jeopardizes the prosperity of the iTunes record sales. However, we have heard that Apple is seeking to redesign the iTunes Store, and this could be another feature of that revamp. Any changes Apple makes to iTunes would be a godsend to users who have been forced to deal with the music management app that has become a hellish maze.

[via The Guardian]

  • Hilton979

    Being able to download non-lossy versions of iTunes Match songs would be wonderful 

  • ErinsDad

    Anyone signed up for iTunes Match?  Worth it or not?  

  • peter207

    ITM is brilliant. 60GB of music available on my 16GB iPhone Natch!

  • tunez13

    im not a big fan of iTunes match it changed all my explicit songs to edited versions and its not streaming which is what i was looking for it just downloads a copy instantly to your phone

  • Andy Murdock

    I’m liking iTunes Match, but I wish I could still stuff my phone full of music quickly while plugged into iTunes, instead of having to go through and press all the little cloud buttons on the iPhones list view. But now that it’s al set up, that’s not an issue. 
    Otherwise I really like it.

  • Shaun Green

    Being able to buy lossless tracks in iTunes would be even better. It would be bye bye CDs for me at long last.