Samsung Note 10.1 Tablet, Like The iPad Went To Art School [MWC 2012]


Even a pressure-sensitive stylus didn't help me draw the Cult of Mac logo
Even a pressure-sensitive stylus didn't help me draw the Cult of Mac logo

BARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2012 — Samsung’s showing at this year’s Mobile World Congress is light compared to the scattering of new products companies like ZTE have vomited onto the market today, but it is curiously strong, despite being hampered by the still-sluggish Android OS. First up is the Note 10.1, a proper iPad-sized version of the ridiculous five-inch Note. It’s not much different from the Tab 10.1, but for the skinny Wacom-based stylus.

Pick up the Note and you’ll think you picked up a Tab. Its 1.4GHz Exynos processor doesn’t seem to make things any less sluggish, the 3 MP and 2 MP cameras are adequate, and the 1280×800 screen is still to tall when used vertically.

But the stylus makes all the difference.

There’s no secret that Samsung sees this as a creative tool. Its booth is plastered with printed drawings and paintings, and there are red-bereted artists drawing portraits of attendees. The stylus is pressure sensitive, a huge win over dumb styluses for the iPad. There’s also an eraser on the other end which doubles as a button for fast corrections.

Adobe Ideas comes with the tablet, and while it is just as fast and easy to use as its iOS cousin, it jitters as you draw, with a lag not found on the iPad. Like I said, even a fast processor can’t seem to save Android (it’s running 4.0 if you’re asking).

But despite this, the stylus is a true unique selling point for the Note range. Until the third-party pressure-sensitive iPad styluses appear, that is.

  • ddevito

    The Galaxy Tabs are fantastic tablets – once Android apps have caught up (plus the Nexus tablet) and the game will change.

    Just like how the smartphone game changed with Android.

  • metalhaze

    They have a pressure stylus for the iPad:

    It’s fully funded and going into production

  • SteveSorrel

    I see ugly huge pixels – non retina! 
    P.s. I  thought this is culf ot Mac, not cult of Samsung! 

  • FlowXT

    And the iPad is what, retina?
    Also a lot of us here do use Android alongside our Apple products, so some Android coverage but CoM is actually good.

  • iDaBoss

    That image is tiny and compressed… I doubt you can see anything

  • sir1jaguar

    I have iPad then iPad 2 but I sold my iPhone 4s for AT&T galaxy note and if you cannot use the Wacom digitizer in the 10.1 galaxy note – you are a moron because my 5 years old kid love so much my 5.3 galaxy note as it it’s ACCURATE than an iPad and iPad 2 most expensive stylus.

    Please I know this is cult of Mac BUT this super unfair analyzation and review for advance digitizer using by Samsung now is unacceptable.

    Sometimes, I feel I will not own more APPLE products now from iMac,Mac,Iphone,iPod touch,iPad and apple tv because of the writers of the cult of mac that is so unfair even they know it’s really advance what other competition doing now…


  • ConceptVBS

    You cant have a “third party” pressure sensitive stylus without changing the digitizer on the screen.

    I know how easily mac enthusiasts would like to dismiss this but the digitizer on the Galaxy Note 10.1 is more advanced than the iPad 2. It’s a WACOM enabled digitzer, not simply a capacitive type screen.

    Artists want highly accurate styluses of which this provides. It even includes Adobe Photoshop and Ideas bundled with the device out of the box.

  • joseph johnson

    Too bad its unlikely you will ever see a pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad, as Apple seems to have a vendetta against it. No third party adapter can add true pressure sensitivity. You would think with so many artsy people flocking to Apple products they would make a portable sketchbook version of the iPad but I guess they forget who their biggest followers are…