Apple Airs New ‘iCloud Harmony’ TV Ad [Video]



Apple has aired a new commercial for the iPhone 4S. Simply called “iCloud Harmony,” the 30-second TV spot highlights iCloud’s ability to sync your media and apps between devices. “Automatic. Everywhere. iCloud.

  • joewaylo

    Unfortunately it’s not entirely automatic. I’ve had issues with their syncs when the apps are not running. The commercial ain’t true to it’s word.

    On iCal, I have to open the apps on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone, then make some changes on the Mac and it would sync. When I made a new event on the iPhone, the Mac won’t add the new event until you force quit the app and restart it.

  • sdotbailey

    Be that as it may, it actually does show the apps as open so it’s not exactly lying. I’m with you though, I wish things would update without me having to open them.