Become a Password Gorilla [OS X Tips]



The most secure way of password protecting your online life is to create a random strong password, one now one can ever guess. The problem, of course, is that you won’t be able to guess it, either. Or remember it. Luckily, we’ve found a nice solution to this problem: Password Gorilla, freeware that will help us all keep track of our passwords.

Password Gorilla won’t create those passwords for you, but it will keep track of all the ones you DO create. You can set it to only accept passwords with specific criteria, like requiring the password to include a certain number of characters, uppercase letters, numbers, or special symbols.

Each database of passwords can be set to lock after a specific number of minutes and is unlocked with one Master Password, set when the database is created. All in all, this looks like a pretty functional way to keep track of all those passwords you’re creating in your journey across the online spaces. You do create new secure passwords for everything, right? Right?

Be sure to grab a copy of this free Mac app now from the developer site, and let us know what you think in the comments.

  • David Butt

    Does it have companion iOS apps? That would make it truly useful.

  • Brooke Bertling

    I used that for a while but found it kind of limited and switched to 1password. I am LOVING 1 password, it’s a paid app but far superior. Ties to your browsers is the best part and you can keep the DB in dropbox, though you could with the gorilla too. Great free app, but if you’re ready for the next step, look up 1password. 

  • shannon_f

    LastPass, anyone?

  • WeHeartGames

    +1 for 1Password. Nothing beats it. I’ll never be without it on my computer again.

  • Roland

    You can also use Password touch on iOS to open the password file generated by password gorilla. You just place the file on dropbox and have the two apps point to the same file. Sync solved and it is more secure than 1Password. ;)

  • SpaceIan

    sorry, Password Gorilla, but I too have been absolutely SOLD on 1Password.  Outstanding app with support across all my OSX and IOS devices.  Very strong AES encryption and the integration with all browsers plus the integration across all of my devices really does mean I only beed to remember ONE (very strong) password, and after that the app does all the heavy lifting.

  • Abiu Izquierdo

    Before I started using 1Password I was using this open source app called Key Pass X on my Mac… . Comparing Password Gorilla with Key Pass X isn’t really fair. Because Key Pass X is also Cross Platform, but Can Create Randomly Generated Passwords according to your specifications and store them also with a Master Password plus it uses AES or Twofish encryption using a 256 bit key so if I ever had to give up 1Password I would go back to Key Pass X ;)