Hyped ‘Clear’ To-Do iPhone App Moves An Impressive 350K Copies In Just 9 Days


  • MacHead84

    Wont get my money…I dont see what the hype is all about. Its all Jazz for hipsters who care more about form than function. I’ll take the stock Reminders.app lists any day over this. 

  • Asszem

    I love it, much easier to use than the Reminders.app. 

  • ctt1wbw

    And how many copies are still on users’ iPhones?  I see absolutely zero use out of this app.

  • Gerald Goldbaum

    But much less useful. 

  • iDaBoss

     Yea, it’s pretty overhyped.

  • DiamondDNice

    way overhyped. not that easy to use. easy to get stuck since after the instructions are gone they are hard to get to and not obvious.

  • Asszem

    Sometimes less is more. I use Clear for a short time reminer (like the things I need to pack before I leave home) and Todoist app for more complex projects

  • berny90

    I seriously can’t understand the hype about this app…

  • Michael Von Verrenkamp

    I must be odd because I have quickly integrated this into my life and am loving it. Yes it is no good for long term reminders but it is very useful for things like shopping lists or for thing relevant to a single day.

  • facebook-505899793

    For .99, I think its worth buying now, and waiting to see what they do with it. There are a ton of apps out there that have incredible amounts of functionality, but have horrid UI. Seems that the UI bit is harder to execute than everything else. 
    I’d rather pay the .99 now instead of whatever their price is after the introductory sale.

  • Nick Jaquay

    I’m still using my EPIC WIN. Fantastic app.

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